The Destructive Mind Games Toxic People Love To Play

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Mind games are the most destructive of all manipulation tactics. They have the power to completely destroy a person from the inside out. By the end, that person has no sense of worth, confidence, purpose or direction. They become co-dependent on the relationship of the very same toxic person who shattered them through mind games.

Don’t be their next victim. Power is knowledge. If you can recognize the signs then no toxic person will ever be able to destroy you.

A Hunger for Control

man wearing red hoodie and lit mask

Sebastiaan Stam / unsplash

Sebastiaan Stam / unsplash

Toxic people can’t live without feeling in control, it’s basically like food to them so they will hunt for it at any cost. It usually is gradual, like at first, they’ll want to choose what you eat for dinner and at what time then the next thing you know they have a say about what you wear and what job you should take.

They’re just hungry for power and they need to feel like they will always have the last word. To do so, they’ll find ways to “punish” you when you don’t give them what they want such as by shutting you out or making you feel like your decision-making skills are nonexistent.