The Exact Number of Hugs A Person Needs For Optimal Health, According To Science

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Everybody loves hugs. When we’re sad, hugs from our friends make us feel better. When we’re happy, hugging our loved ones spreads the joy. But this physical closeness with the people we admire does more for us than just boosting our mood.

Science has proven that a specific amount of hugs each day can change our inner and external worlds for the better. The number of hugs it takes to achieve the optimal healthy life, shows that you’re not needy for craving it, you’re just human!

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Hugs Reduce Stress

Stress is an unfortunate part of every person’s life. At one point or another, we all experience stressful jobs, family conflicts, or existential worries that take a toll on our physical and mental health. But, hugs can help us deal with it!

A young woman bent down, hugging her golden retriever at sunset.
Helena Lopes / Unsplash
Helena Lopes / Unsplash

Physical touch, from ourself or people we love, lowers cortisol levels in our body. This means that when we are held closely in a loving way, the muscles and limbs in our body become less tense, helping our body maintain positivity. After a long day, a hug can be a great reward.