These Are The 5 Laws Of Karma

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The law of love.

Karma isn’t just a thing that pointlessly exists. It has a purpose, and that purpose is to bring humanity into a state of love. Everything that is Karma is geared toward creating perfect harmony.

The law of expansion.

Growth is certain until there are no more resources in the universe which can grow.

Growth requires chaos then reorganization and that goes for us too. The law of expansion states that we too shall always be expanding.

The law of balance.

Yin and yang, my friends. There is balance to everything. Karma sees to it that the darkest darks give way to the brightest lights. Every failure is an opportunity for success, and every success leads us to future failures.

The law of lessons.

The law of lessons is the karmic law that forces us to learn to problem solve. Bad things won’t go away until the lesson is learned.

The law of neutrality.

Karma doesn’t care about you. Karma cares about everyone. It doesn’t pick favorites and it will dole out what it doles out equally among all.

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