The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: How Each Zodiac Sign Handles A Breakup

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To some, breakups are one of life’s biggest challenges. They can be emotionally devastating, causing a great upheaval of everything someone knows and changing their life forever. People can react to breakups in a number of ways, understandably since it’s a highly emotional occurrence, but did you know that your zodiac sign plays a heavy part in how you respond?

There are common threads in the way people of the same sign react to having a relationship end, though they’re not all particularly healthy. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome these heartbreaks too, and better ways for the signs to cope when love is lost.

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Aries Gets Competitive

Aries is often very confident in their relationship, thinking of themselves as the best partner their significant other could have. During a breakup, this can quickly warp into anger and disbelief that someone would ever let them go after all they’ve provided, or that someone would ever drive them to the point of initiating a breakup. They’ll try their best to prove it was somehow the other person’s fault, even if the reality is rather mundane and no one’s truly to blame.

A couple in the midst of an argument.
Pexels / Keira Burton
Pexels / Keira Burton

Aries, you don’t need to ‘win’ your breakup. It’s not a competition and it will hardly matter in the long run anyway. Use this moment as an opportunity to learn how you thrive independently. It’s also best to cut your ex off completely so feelings of resentment don’t linger around.

Taurus Resents Change

Taurus will commit to a relationship so hard that they’ll often look past red flags or questionable moments just to avoid a breakup, even when it’s clearly the right time. Breakups shake their world up too much, leaving them deeply uncomfortable at the shift in routine, so even when they do happen, Taurus will do everything in their power to ensure as little as possible changes.

A photo cutout of a couple embracing placed in a garbage can.
Pexels / Maria Varshavskaya
Pexels / Maria Varshavskaya

Learning to let go will be their biggest challenge. They crave normalcy and routine, so even after leaving their partner, they’ll cling to whatever pieces of that life they can as they’re familiar. They don’t serve you anymore, Taurus, you’re free to start your life anew. It may be scary, but it’s well worth it.

Gemini Dwells Too Much

Gemini is brutal when it comes to breakups. Their default reaction is anger, annoyance, and rage. They hyperfocus on past relationship details and tell themselves they should have seen it coming sooner while promising that they don’t actually care and it doesn’t bother them that much. They experience a whirlwind of emotions that can be very hard to process, all with genuine sadness at its core.

A woman throwing a torn up photo.
Pexels / RODNAE Productions
Pexels / RODNAE Productions

The best course of action is to spend time with friends to talk about literally anything else besides your ex. Of course, talking about a breakup is normal and totally fine to do for a bit, but you can’t keep harping on it for the rest of your life. Let yourself be distracted by some fun times with your besties so you can realize you’re just fine on your own.

Cancer Wallows In Sadness

Cancer, your romantic and emotional nature means breakups can be really hard. The ‘sobbing into their pillows for days on end’ kind of hard. They’ll tell themselves that maybe their ex will come back or they somehow convince themself the breakup was their fault even if it wasn’t; they martyr themselves for it.

A woman walking along a boardwalk trail in a forest.
Unsplash / Old Youth
Unsplash / Old Youth

To shake this off, Cancer needs to step outside the cave of sadness they built when the breakup took place. They need to force themself to go walk and get coffee, or go to a movie alone, indulge in their favorite fast food, or whatever gets them out of the house. They deserve to treat themselves with kindness before building themself back up.

Leo Makes A Show Of It

Breakups, no matter who initiates them, hurt Leo’s ego immensely. They like to be dramatic about it too, either publicly on social media or privately to their friends, whatever helps get the feelings out. They then immediately busy themselves with other matters to avoid feeling real feelings instead of performative ones.

A girl sitting on a couch in the dark, her phone lighting up her face.
Pexels / mikoto.raw Photographer
Pexels / mikoto.raw Photographer

So, instead, they should try being private about it. They might find that by not putting on a show, and they actually manage to process some of those feelings of genuine sadness better. They’re better off not moving on too fast, either. This relationship likely meant more to them than they’d like to admit, so they must ensure they’ve moved on completely before jumping back into the dating pool.

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Virgo Starts Building Walls

Virgo overthinks. A lot. By thinking about every little conversation, every tell, every disagreement, they steer their mind away from what they should be feeling at this time in their life. They attempt to become apathetic about it because, in their mind, that beats feeling sad. Unfortunately, those apathetic feelings start bleeding into other areas of their life, and can affect other things like friendships or work.

A man sits on a bench in thought while a woman looks at him in the midground.
Pexels / RODNAE Productions
Pexels / RODNAE Productions

Virgos need to take preemptive measures to not get lost in all that grey. They need to realize when the walls have started building up and knock them down. If they wait too long, they’ll shut themselves off from future relationships. A breakup is not a failure, Virgo, and neither are you, this is just a new chapter.

Libra Gets Reckless

Libras don’t go down easy, that’s for sure. If they don’t try to bargain or deny that this breakup is happening altogether, they immediately bounce to the next person who will have them, no matter how questionable or risky it may be. They need that companionship, even temporarily, to distract themselves from that sense of loss.

Four friends hanging out on a trail, the sunset in the background.
Unsplash / Helena Lopes
Unsplash / Helena Lopes

The obvious advice is don’t do that. Go out and have the fun you desire, but without the goal of finding a new someone by the end of the night. Instead, go with friends! Learn to enjoy yourself without the mission of scoping out a new partner every time.

Scorpio Can’t Let Go

Scorpios either fully cut their ex off the second the break up is established, blocking them on every platform without a moment’s thought or they keep them around to watch their every move. No engagement, no chatting, just jealousy flare-ups whenever their ex is doing anything with anyone else. Don’t let it get to this point, please.

Someone holding a phone and a cup of coffee while sitting under a blanket.
Pexels / RODNAE Productions
Pexels / RODNAE Productions

Instead, Scorpios should throw themselves into a hobby. They have a lot of drive, so what they need at this moment is something to focus on that isn’t their ex. Be it their job, creative outlet, or maybe learning something new, they need to find something that can occupy their mind until the feelings surrounding the breakup are less intense.

Sagittarius Fools Themselves

Sagittarius appears to move on relatively healthily. They claim this is a new chapter and they’re ready to start anew. They might even go through a complete personality overhaul into whoever it was they always ‘dreamed’ of being, but let’s be real. This ‘new and improved’ version of them isn’t who they really are. They just want something different right now, and to shed themselves of all remnants of their ex.

A page of a journal filled with writing. A pencil, some crystals, and a dried orange slice rests on top.
Pexels / Alina Vilchenko
Pexels / Alina Vilchenko

This behavior can reach unsettling extremes, so instead of chasing a life opposite that which they were living, it’s best that Sagittarius actually reflects on what positive things came from this relationship. What lessons were learned? What knowledge can you bring into the next relationship? This is a situation where a journal really comes in handy, as they can write it all down, get it off their chest, and move on.

Capricorn’s Still Haunted

Capricorns are masters at putting up a strong front while secretly dying inside. In the wake of a breakup, they’ll overwork themselves to the bone with whatever they can get their hands on. There’s a divide in Capricorns with how much they like to talk about it, with one half electing to disparage their ex to anyone who will listen and the other not bringing it up at all, opting to suffer in complete silence instead—two extreme sides of the same coin.

Someone holding a lighter up to a polaroid picture.
Unsplash / Yuvraj Singh
Unsplash / Yuvraj Singh

While bottling it up is clearly unhealthy, so is letting dark thoughts constantly swirl around one’s mind. Capricorns need to find out what’s keeping thoughts of this relationship so present in their mind and get rid of it. Do they still check in on their ex’s social media frequently? Do they still have objects belonging to their ex in their space? Whatever it is, purge it so you can free up some space in your mind for other things.

Aquarius Keeps It Private

To protect their chill and emotionally confident demeanor, Aquarius does all their crying about their breakups behind closed doors. They try to find ways to make it worse, even, searching for things they can blame themselves for and ways it was their fault all along. If they’re going to be sad about something, they want to feel really, really sad. They feel like their emotions have to be ‘worth it’ to be felt.

Someone at a concert as seen from behind, hands up with a denim jacket and beanie on, pink lights on stage.
Pexels / ELEVATE
Pexels / ELEVATE

Of course, that’s not true. All feelings deserve to be honored and felt in a healthy manner. So, to pull themselves up out of the rut they’ve been digging, Aquarius should find ways in which they can be celebrated. Live life as the main character! Wanting attention and validation is not a bad thing! If anything, it’ll help remind them that there’s always been more out there than just their partner.

Pisces Thinks In Extremes

For Pisces, every breakup is the most devastating thing ever to happen. Every single time, they’ve lost a soulmate. They convince themselves that they’ll never love again. This is it, and they’re now doomed to die alone. They go through all the stereotypical breakup motions of listening exclusively to sad playlists, watching romcoms, and eating ice cream right out of the tub while crying on the couch.

Someone holding a small watering can about to water a plant.
Pexels / Vlada Karpovich
Pexels / Vlada Karpovich

To shake themselves out of this funk, Pisces needs to find responsibility, something to remind them that they have a purpose. Something like a houseplant is a good low-stakes option. They should also let their friends coddle them without feeling bad about it, they want to help! A little bit of pampering and self-care will remind them that they’re still beautiful, desirable, and worthy of love, as we all are.

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Breakups Are Never Easy

There’s no cut-and-dry way to get over a relationship, especially one you’ve been in for years. It’s hard, and it will always be hard, but what’s important is that we’re all capable of overcoming breakups and coming out the other side stronger than ever.

Two people sitting on a bench in the nighttime, looking at a cityscape.
Unsplash / Christian Lue
Unsplash / Christian Lue

Every relationship teaches us something. Whether that be about ourselves, about our preferences, or skills we can bring with us into our next partnership. As we move through life we continue to grow, to evolve, to change, and we shouldn’t let anyone or anything stall our journey.

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