The Haunting Final Messages Received From Deceased Loved Ones

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What are the words you wish you would hear from the loved ones you lost? Or better yet, if the next message you sent was your last, what would it be? We don’t tend to think of our next set of words being our last so we say things we don’t mean, forget to let people know how much we care for them, or live in fear of speaking our truths.

This tumbler account run by a 21-year-old containing submissions of the last messages people received from lost loved ones puts into perspective the power of words, especially when they’re our last point of contact with someone we cherish.

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“My best friend, my everything, my partner, my soulmate of 12 years died the night of August 24. At around 11 pm that night, I felt a wave of sadness wash over me out of nowhere. I highly suspect this is when he died. The last text conversation we had was about how much I work.

text coversation about working last too long
The Last Message Received / Tumblr
The Last Message Received / Tumblr

I got the call at 11 am the next day, August 25.”

Use your time in ways you’ll never regret. Ask yourself what your priorities are. Work may help you succeed but what matters most when you get home? Is it the work still waiting for you every day for the rest of your life or the person who makes it all worth it?