Experiencing Recurring Dreams?  The Hidden Meaning Is Fascinating

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Think of dreams as the language of your subconscious. Often dreams are used as a medium to reveal our soul’s purpose, our innermost fears, and desires that bring us closer to our highest selves. Other times, our state of being when sleeping, with our physical body still in this world while our spirit travels, can also allow us to communicate with the world beyond.

This is why it’s important to listen when we experience the same re-occurring dreams. What are they really trying to tell us?

A Reflection Of Unresolved Conflicts

woman with eye full of glitter shut

Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

You may already know this so let’s get it out of the way first. The science of dreams shows that recurring dreams may be a reflection of unresolved conflicts in the dreamer’s life. This is because we tend to experience the most vivid dreams in times of stress, where the same themes and narrative gets brought to life.

Your body is shedding light on what is keeping you from ascending and is suppressing down your purpose. This may be why you keep waking up with low energy.

A Shortcut To The Healing Process

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Rli Defaria / Unsplash

Rli Defaria / Unsplash

Vivid dreams are actually a shortcut to the healing process. Think of your being as being divided in two. There is the physical body through which your exercise your senses and then there is the spiritual body through which you grow and interpret the physical body.

When physical experiences cause pain to your soul, your spiritual body then uses your dreams to heal your thoughts and emotions. This is helping the physical body release the negative energy that is causing it to feel pain.

An Invitation To Go On A Dream Journey

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Jr Korpa / Unsplash

Jr Korpa / Unsplash

If you begin to write down your dreams, and note the patterns, you can actually train your brain to control your own dreams!

Miss someone and want to escape to them while asleep? Visualize that person clearly as you begin to step into slumber. Start to narrate the story you want to go on while still falling asleep and with practice even as your eyes close, you’ll take your spirit on the journey you decided on while you sleep.

A Message From Your Gardien Angel

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Jr Korpa / Unsplash

Jr Korpa / Unsplash

We believe that if we open ourselves to it, we can receive direct messages from our guardian angel, or higher self, to help us get into alignment with who we really are.

Since dreams are a message coded in the symbolic language of the unconscious mind, our guardian angel may use them to open a direct line of communication and tell us what we need to hear. That’s why nightmares are a sign of a very important message that requires more attention.

A Confrontation With Your Shadow Self

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Stefano pollio / Unsplash

Stefano pollio / Unsplash

The shadow is the unconscious aspect of our personality that the conscious ego doesn’t identify. This means that it’s all the darkness within us of which we aren’t fully conscious. However, to ascend we need to confront it.

Dreams help to bring light to the emotions that we have hidden even to ourselves. It pushes us to face our baggage, and past trauma so that we can finally let go of it, rather than let it project in subconscious ways that harm us.,

A Trip To Spirit Astral Travel

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Javardh / Unsplash

Javardh / Unsplash

​Astral travel is an out-of-body experience that separates the spirit from the physical body and allows it to travel into the universe. It’s a state of dreaming where we are actually awake. The physical world is a static environment while the spirit realms are more dynamic. it is completely guided by thoughts and intentions.

This is why we sometimes experience deja vus, which are really just memories from the places we visited in our dreams. You may already be traveling in your dreams and not remembering.

A Physiological Phenomena

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Adrian Ra / Unsplash

Adrian Ra / Unsplash

Recurring dreams can actually be the same from person to person. This is because, from an evolutionary sense, dreams often prepare us for threatening situations. This physiological phenomenon would explain why we dream of being chased when it’s actually our mind teaching us how and when to run.

When we sleep, our mind isn’t completely cut off from the outside world. It continues to feel external factors like sounds or smells. If there is a threat, it tries to warn us.

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