The Incredible Life Of Twins Who Share A Brain And Can See Through Each Other’s Eyes

They say that twins share a special connection. They’re like built-in best friends who can practically reach others’ minds…But what if that idea took on a literal meaning? The Hogan twins of British Columbia, Canada, are joined not just at the head, but instead they share a cranium and have connected brains.

They go beyond a telepathic connection and can see through each other’s eyes. Talk about perspective. Here’s their story.

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Beat All Odds From Birth

The Hogan parents received disturbing news when doctors told them that the babies they were expecting had little chance of living before they were even born. The doctors explained that the babies were conjoined at the head during the pregnancy and that their futures couldn’t be guaranteed.

conjoined twins at birth in hospital
Associated Press Via The Daily Mail
Associated Press Via The Daily Mail

In fact, they estimated that if the twins even managed to survive the first 24 hours, they would live a bed-bound life and never be able to take care of themselves. Yet, the conjoined twins beat all odds and continue to live fulfilling lives today since their birth in 2006