The Last Day Of Life On Earth Has Been Calculated By NASA, This Is How Long We Have Left

The universe is an infinite, miraculous, unexplored place filled with the great unknown. In this universe lies the solar system, which holds the incredible planet we call home: earth.

The stars and galaxies that exist in outer space are beautiful and fascinating, but the existence of planet earth is the sole reason humans have thrived since the beginning of time. Without this globe, life could not be sustained, and scientists predict that it is dying and we don’t have a lot of time left. In fact, NASA has calculated the day when all life on Earth will cease to exist.

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NASA’s Answers To The Universe

Planet earth is in an emergency state and extinction has become a serious threat to human life. Centuries ago, dinosaurs once walked the grounds we live on. Over time, we have seen the dying out of many animal species. Unless astronauts can find a new planet for us to survive on, mankind could be next in line.

An astronaut in space.
NASA / Unsplash
NASA / Unsplash

NASA is the closest thing we have to answering questions about our existence here on earth. These astronomers and their advanced scientific technology have determined how much longer planet earth can continue sustaining humanity.