The Love Language That Will Make Their Zodiac Sign Fall For You, According To Astrologers

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Love looks, sounds, and feels different for everyone. In relationships, whether they’re romantic, platonic, or familial, the biggest source of conflict comes from misunderstanding each other. The Five Love Languages describe the way each person uniquely shows and receives love.

Words of Affirmation are all about vocal reassurance and positive talk. Acts of Service show what someone means to you through helpful action. Gift Giving is a way some express their adoration. Physical Touch is how some people feel closest and safe. And Quality Time makes bonds grow. Based on your Zodiac sign, this is their Love Language:

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Aries are usually the people who stay single for long periods of time. They have high expectations that not many, even sometimes themselves, can achieve. This sign is introverted and independent, thriving when they are alone.

A young man and woman sitting, her head resting on his shoulders.
Edward Cisneros / Unsplash
Edward Cisneros / Unsplash

But, if you’re in love with an Aries, their sweet spot is Words of Affirmation. They have a habit of being overly self-critical, which is where the feeling of love and comfort from a partner is helpful. Letting an Aries hear how much you love them and how great they are will keep them happy for the long run.