The Main Reason People Struggle In Relationships Explained

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While no relationship is exactly the same, too often the way we attach ourselves to our partners says everything we need to know about why the relationship failed. Before you start blaming yourself, this attachment has a lot to do with your upbringing.

Attachment theory might be able to explain why people really struggle in relationships. Let’s figure out what it means, and what your style would be.

It’s All In Attachement Theory

A lot of our beliefs as adults are shaped while we are still children. We learn the most in the earliest stages of life from our parents. This is especially significant in romantic relationships.

We tend to project unto our romantic relationships the parental relationships we once formed, like an extension of those bonds. The way our parents interacted with us and showed love is often recreated by us as adults. However, for some, this could be detrimental. It all depends on which type of these four attachment styles you have.