The Moment An Empath Finally Realizes It’s Time To Let Someone Go, Is It Too Late?

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In life, we face many battles and challenges that leave us in emotional turmoil. When we undergo break-ups, health problems, or financial struggles, we are sometimes left in shattered pieces that require the support of friends or family to pick up.

Some people digest the struggles of others more intensely than normal, and the people that offer us the most support are often referred to as “empaths.” The friend that is always a shoulder to cry on or the mother that always goes out of her way to come to the rescue is probably the empath in your life.

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What’s An “Empath”?

An empath is a person who takes on the emotional energy of their loved ones, carrying the weight of the problems of others and bearing the need to fix them. Therapist Kristen Routh explains the phenomenon as follows: “Empaths are typically very cued into non-verbal communication, including posture, body language, and facial expression. They can also experience sudden, overwhelming emotions when around others.”

A woman with long blonde hair sitting at a sun-lit windowsill with her cheek resting on her hand.
Becca Correia / Pexels
Becca Correia / Pexels

At some point, holding on to the issues of others will become an unhealthy way of life for an empath. This is how they will know that it’s time to let someone go.