The Most Common Lies Men Tell In Relationships, Including The Good Guys

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We’re sorry to say this but even the good guys tell white lies sometimes. Does that make it okay? Not necessarily but sometimes it’s just easier to hide behind small lies then to upset the one we love. Some men even have the best intentions when they lie and they simply are trying to make you happy.

Little do men know, women are often two steps ahead and have already caught them in their lies. So big or small, we recommend relying on truths always, to continue to build trust.

“I Would Never Lie To You”

woman hug man tat smiles to the camera with secret

Radu Florin / Unsplash

Radu Florin / Unsplash

Ironically this is the most common lie. If they need to go out of their way to tell you that they wouldn’t lie then they’re already lying. Everyone tells lies sometimes.

Actions speak louder than words and if they’re honest and truthful person, it’ll show rather then them have to say it.