The Most Common Lies Men Tell In Relationships, Including The Good Guys

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We’re sorry to say this but even the good guys tell white lies sometimes. Does that make it okay? Not necessarily but sometimes it’s just easier to hide behind small lies then to upset the one we love. Some men even have the best intentions when they lie and they simply are trying to make you happy.

Little do men know, women are often two steps ahead and have already caught them in their lies. So big or small, we recommend relying on truths always, to continue to build trust.

“I Would Never Lie To You”

woman hug man tat smiles to the camera with secret

Radu Florin / Unsplash

Radu Florin / Unsplash

Ironically this is the most common lie. If they need to go out of their way to tell you that they wouldn’t lie then they’re already lying. Everyone tells lies sometimes.

Actions speak louder than words and if they’re honest and truthful person, it’ll show rather then them have to say it.

“I’m Not Like The Other Guys”

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Matheus Ferrero / Unsplash

Matheus Ferrero / Unsplash

What does this statement even mean? What is the standard? How do we define “other” guys? Each man is unique with their own history, and personality but in the end, they’re also all the same, in the sense that they’re just human.

So by saying that they’re not like the other guys, it’s not you they’re trying to convince, it’s themselves that they’re trying to prove this to. They’re trying to convince themselves that they can stand out and earn you love.

“I’m Stuck In Traffic”

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Danielle Colucci / Unsplash

Danielle Colucci / Unsplash

Men often resort to this line when they’re being forced to meet you or attend an event they really don’t want to. They’ll find every reason possible to arrive fashionably late so that they can minimize their time there.

That way they can justify their tardiness without upsetting you but still say that they went. However this starts to become problematic when they’re late to important events like meeting your parents for the very first time.

“Sorry I Missed Your Call”

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Isabell Winter / Unsplash

Isabell Winter / Unsplash

What really happened is that they heard the phone ring, saw it was you calling, and then watched the phone continue to ring because they simply didn’t feel like dealing with it.

Men often use their time away from home as an emotional break as well. This is their time to rejuvenate their energy and keep a certain level of independence. They figure they will deal with whatever it is that you need when they get home anyway.

“You Look Great In That Outfit”

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Caroline Hernandez / Unsplash

Caroline Hernandez / Unsplash

Men know to chose their battles and critiquing a woman on her outfit is not one that they want to get into. First of all, they were already ready half an hour ago and they just want to leave. They know very well that if they say they don’t like your outfit, that you’ll spend another 20 mins trying to chance.

Second, they feel like this question is a trap and they should only validate how you already feel about the outfit. As they should, because it only matters how you feel about it anyway.

“It’s Just Hard To Plan Right Now”

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Alessia Cocconi / Unsplash

Alessia Cocconi / Unsplash

This line is of many that men will use to get out of making plans in advance. They often feel too overwhelmed and uncertain about the future to make promises that they might not be able to keep. They would rather answer with “maybe” than say yes and dread it all the way till then.

Men often fear commitment and are focused on the present. Some simply prefer procrastinating or waiting till the very last second to make a decision.

‘I’m Sorry”

Ian B / Unsplash

Ian B / Unsplash

The absolute most common lie that men tell women and perhaps the worst. Whenever a man messes up, he will just say I am sorry and hope they are forgiven. The problem is, most of the time men are not actually sorry – they are just sorry they got caught. This is just an easy way out for them.

It makes it look like they’re taking accountability but really they’re just telling you what you want to hear so that you can just get over it.

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