The Most Loyal Zodiac Sign, According To Astrologers

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One of astrology’s most popular uses is to identify how compatible people are with each other based on their zodiac signs. Their stars’ alignments and ruling planets can predict common characteristics, habits and preferences that could factor into their everlasting relationship or eventual heartbreaking.

One of the foundation pillars of a healthy adn lasting relationship is trust. One sign, in particular, comes above all others in that department. It would be going against their nature to lie, deceive or ever cheat. Is it your sign?

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Loyalty Is Earned

Experience teaches us to build walls around us as a form of protection. As children, we give our trust away easily and every time we get burned we get more and more cautious. Having someone to trust fully and unconditionally is rare and a blessing. Some fall into the trap of gossip, temptation, or pressure.

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Womanizer Toys / Unsplash

However there are some people out there that will have your back no matter what and never spill your secrets. In fact, you might be one of them. Astrology has the answer to who you can trust. Luckily while one sign is most trustworthy, two other signs come close in second and third place.

In Third Place…Introspective Scorpio

Third place goes to Scorpio who gets a bad rep for their attitude. They might sting when they’re hurt but they will go to great lengths to show their loyalty to their partner.

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De Andre Bush / Unsplash

The reason that they’re not higher up on the list is that even though they can be trusted, they have their own trust issues so it’s hard for them to trust back. They’ll often put their partners through tests to make sure that the feeling is mutual.

However, when trust is established mutually they’ll feel safe being vulnerable and sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings, giving their partner the space to do the same.

In Second Place…No Drama Taurus

Taureans like to stay as far away from drama as possible which is they see no point in meaningless gossip and sharing your secrets. Once a Taurus has an eye on someone, their stubborn nature makes them fixated on that person.

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Andrew Neel / Unsplash

They only have eyes for one person at a time and have a hard time letting go. They want to show their object of affection that they can be trusted. In fact, Taurus is ruled by the planet of love, which means they’re often looking for serious relationships. They take trust equally seriously and crave stability in a relationship.

The Most Loyal Sign Is…. Caring Cancer!

No one can take the crown from Cancer as the most loyal zodiac sign. Cancer will always put others first because their overwhelming empathy makes it impossible for them to even imagine risking hurting the person in front of them. This sign falls quickly and hard so when they care about someone they hold on as tightly as possible.

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Igor Erico / Unsplash
Igor Erico / Unsplash

They do everything in their power to take care of their lovers, friends, and family, often sacrificing their own needs in the process. As the homebody of the zodiac, they also create a safe and happy place that all fellow zodiacs can go home to and trust.

Loyal To A Fault

The problem with Cancer being the most loyal sign in the Zodiac is that they’re also loyal to a fault. They can be extreme in their loyalty whether to their friends, family, partners, or even at work. They give more than they take risking burnout, and sometimes even their own values and boundaries.

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Dev Asangbam / Unsplash

They’ll say yes even when they want to say no, and let red flags and toxic behavior go because they put their loved ones on a pedestal, and always see the best in people and situations.

As a water sign, Cancer is highly tender, emotional, and vulnerable so they have to be careful with the gift of loyalty that they so generously give to everyone around them.

The Least Faithful Sign Is…

On the other side of the spectrum, the least loyal sign by nature is Sagittarius. Forcing them to commit and stay within the lines is like caging a bird that needs to fly. Sagittarius are free-spirited individuals who are most driven by adventure. They are always living in the moment, moment by moment, and struggle to plan or see the big picture.

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Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

They want to explore as much of life as possible. This makes their relationships fragile. It’s hard to maintain deep connections when they’re constantly on the go which makes it even harder to keep secrets and meet promises.

Take As Much As You Give

When it comes to trust the hardest lesson to learn is to only take as much as you give. Trust shouldn’t be given freely, at least not in full. Trust others and see the best in them but also learn to believe their actions over their words.

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Stock Lite / Canva Pro
Stock Lite / Canva Pro

It’s important to draw boundaries and it’s okay to say no even to those you love. Those who actually care about your well being will respect them, and make sure they give you their loyalty in return.

Know Where To Draw The Line

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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Cotton Bro / Pexels

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