The Most Overlooked Symptom Of Narcissism, According To Therapists

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The thing about Narcissism is that it’s hard to detect it in the beginning. The same partner that was once thoughtful, sweet, and attentive all of the sudden turns on you the moment you cave to their charm, trust them, and enter a committed relationship with them.

Once they know they have you under their grip, the signs of narcissism start to come out. However, one sign in particular, is overlooked not only by most average people but therapists as well.

What is that habit that most people overlook about narcissists? Let’s find out!

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The Most Overlooked Symptom Is:

Habitual not listening.

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Michael Mcauliffe / Unsplash
Michael Mcauliffe / Unsplash

This sign is tricky to pick out because narcissists are great at deception and can make it seem like they’re listening to you. In reality, they dismiss everything you say by brushing it aside, negating or minimizing it.

This is their way of turning the tables on you and freeing themselves from any guilt or accountability. Whenever confronted, narcissists just want the quickest way out that doesn’t require apologizing.

When you defy their viewpoint, they hear the words but block out the meaning so they never actually receive the message. They just wait for you to be done so they can move on with their agenda.