The Most Toxic Traits Of Each Zodiac Sign

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Everyone in the world faces their own unique brand of toxicity. When hard things happen, we respond with the same negativity in kind, it’s unavoidable. These traits come in a myriad of different forms, from controlling behaviors to avoidant personalities, and each brings about its own set of struggles in our interpersonal relationships.

It is important to be aware of these traits so we can keep them from harming not only others but ourselves too. How do we identify them, though? To start, you can take a look at the stars, finding answers within your zodiac chart.

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The Worst About Us

None of us are free from a few negative traits, right? We need to be dealt some bad cards to balance out the good ones. What becomes the real show of character isn’t what those negative traits are, but rather what we choose to do with or about them.

A woman plugging her ears with her fingers against a pink background.
Envato Elements
Envato Elements

Did you know that your zodiac sign is responsible for one of these toxic traits of yours? By referring to your sun sign (or any one of your big three), you can gain a little insight into the issues that plague you most, deep in the core of your personality.


Aries, your toxic trait is your competitive nature and all that comes with it.

Someone playing chess, toppling another chess piece over.
Pexels / Pixabay
Pexels / Pixabay

Sorry to say, but you’re kind of a sore loser. You may not outwardly complain, but everyone sees you sitting off to the side stewing over the loss. It makes sense given Aries’ usual passion and excitement for most things, but it’s not enough for you to just participate, you have to win!

The saving grace is that this competition isn’t really with other people, it’s with yourself, and this is something your friends recognize. You might act a bit sour for a little while, but everyone knows you’ll get over it soon enough.


Taurus, your toxic trait, perhaps unsurprisingly, has to do with your unrelenting stubbornness. More specifically, it’s your inability to adapt to new situations.

Two bulls fighting, ramming their heads together.
Unsplash / 2 Bull Photography
Unsplash / 2 Bull Photography

Taurus is a creature of habit, you love your routines and your familiarity, they provide a comfort to you in the midst of such a chaotic world. When something appears to be changing, you outright refuse it, pushing it away and refusing to welcome it into your life, even if it would improve things.

You strive for comfort and security in your life, so change is a frightening thing. You refuse to even try and fix something that isn’t 100% broken, even if it would improve your life somehow.


Now Gemini, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Gemini’s toxic trait is their inability to stay still, they always need to stay moving.

A shot of a woman's legs running away along a beach.
Unsplash / Mitchell Orr
Unsplash / Mitchell Orr

I don’t just mean that in a literal, physical sense, but in life, things need to constantly be changing for you to stay satisfied. You’re not interested in routine like Taurus is, you want something new every day! With that said, this constantly desire for more leaves you with a lot of unfinished business and can even touch into flakey territory depending on how quickly you switch things up. In your constant effort to keep chasing that excitement you crave, be sure not to leave your friends behind.


Cancer’s toxic trait is their passive-aggressiveness.

A cat looking directly at the camera, looking grumpy.
Unsplash / Kido Dong
Unsplash / Kido Dong

Cancers don’t like confrontation, but love to wallow in grumpiness over a given situation. As a sensitive sign, you might feel like your emotions are a little too big to handle, so you shut a lot of them down and reduce them to their bare necessities. This leaves you with a lot of pent up annoyance, anger, what have you, and that results in being passive aggressive once conflict arises.

You’re only hurting your own feelings more by doing this, by the way. It’s best to elt your true feelings show.


I personally find it a little inaccurate to say that Leos enjoy being the center of attention. That isn’t always true, there are some shy Leos out there, but what they do want is to feel like the main character.

A woman in a leather coat, femme fatale look, standing at the top of a staircase.
Pexels / cottonbro studio
Pexels / cottonbro studio

The main character doesn’t need to have all eyes on them, but they do have to feel like they’re at the center of the plot somehow. This leads to you feeling like you’re putting on a show all the time, needing to make a performance out of every small change and update in your life. This can grow to a toxic degree if you start actively taking away attention from others to gear it back toward yourself. Being the main character is fine when it’s your own life, but when it’s other peoples’? That’s a step too far.


Surprise, surprise, Virgo, your toxic trait is your perfectionism.

A table covered in geometrically organized office/photography supplies.
Pexels / Ovan
Pexels / Ovan

I know, you’ve heard it before, Virgos are very particular about how they want things done and refuse to finish something if it isn’t perfect. This often works in your favor, but can sometimes bleed outwards and prevent others from finishing or appreciating their own work if all you’re doing it pointing out imperfect features about it.

This type of hyper-vigilance can also cause you a lot of stress if you’re not careful. You don’t need to burden the rest of the zodiac’s problems just because you think you could solve them best.


Libras, similar to Cancers, are non-confrontational to the max. So much so that their avoidance is their toxic trait.

A slightly blurry image of a woman covering her face with her hands.
Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez
Unsplash / Priscilla Du Preez

You make a lot of self-sacrifices in the name of keeping peace, but you tend to overblow the likelihood of there ever being a fight over this thing to begin with. Your avoidance comes with a side order of assuming the worst in people, which isn’t fair for them or yourself.

Debate and discussion are a natural part of human relationships, invite them in every so often!


Scorpios are excellent at keeping secrets (for those they care about, anyway), but tend to overblow that trait a little bit and become too secretive themselves.

A woman looking directly at the camera, a finger over her mouth.
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio
Pexels / Andrea Piacquadio

Your private nature means it’s very hard for you to talk to new people or try and make new friends. You believe the risk of having your heart or trust broken outweighs the potential of new connections.

That doesn’t stop you from craving closeness and intimacy, though. As I’m sure you know, the only thing in your way right now is yourself.


Sagittarius is close to Gemini in that they always have to be moving. While Gemini’s toxic trait is that within itself, for Sagittarius, it’s more about their hungry desire for independence.

A street crowd walking away, the focus on one woman in the center.
Unsplash / Jason Wong
Unsplash / Jason Wong

Being able to sustain yourself independently is great, as is learning how to enjoy time by yourself, but isolating yourself to protect your oh-so precious freedom of spontaneity is only starving you of friends you could go on these adventures with.

Think about what you’re leaving behind in your goal to remain as free as the wind, see if there’s anything or anyone else you can bring with you.


Capricorns are very serious when it comes to the work they’re passionate about, detrimentally so.

A woman seated at a desk in the dark, taking notes.
Unsplash / Daniel Chekalov
Unsplash / Daniel Chekalov

Caps, you’re allowed to take a break, you know. You have an extremely hard work ethic and that is commendable, but it’s also kind of ruining your life. You overwork yourself on things you enjoy to the point where you hate them and refuse to let those around you help you through it.

Striking that perfect work-life balance will do wonders for your mental health, as will leaning on your friends in time of need.


Aquarius is the unique eye of the zodiac, proving to be a great judge of aesthetics and character.

A greyscale image of a man looking sad on a couch.
Unsplash / Annie Spratt
Unsplash / Annie Spratt

However, Aquarius, you sometimes let that talent go to waste by not sharing it with anybody. You have an isolation problem, enjoying time by yourself a bit too much tot he point where it’s all you want to do. You shut yourself away from the world in order to focus on your own thing, expecting your friends will e there when you mature.

That’s not always the case, you have to make the effort to be present in other peoples’ lives. Get out there, try new things, make some new friends!


Oh, Pisces. Pisces tend to look for the bright side in all things, not wanting negativity to push them down, but in doing so, creates some problems.

A woman looking upwards, eyes closed, fingers crossed on both hands.
Unsplash / Dayne Topkin
Unsplash / Dayne Topkin

First, you can lean so far into positive thinking that it becomes borderline delusional. Try some realism on for a change. Needing to grapple with unhappy or uncomfortable emotions is part of being human.

Second, you can be a touch naïve. Here’s hoping you have people in your life that wouldn’t take advantage of this naïvety, but it’s worth keeping an eye peeled anyway. Your good nature being used like that wouldn’t be good for your positive thinking.

Turning Toxic Into Helpful

These ‘toxic traits’ of ours are not called so because they need banishing, buried deep down inside us so they’re never seen again. In fact, each one of these has its positive aspects. There’s potential to use them in constructive, effective ways, ways that help instead of hinder, it’s just getting to that point that’s the hard part.

A woman taking a selfie before a cityscape.
Unsplash / Apostolos Vamvouras
Unsplash / Apostolos Vamvouras

Unlocking the positive aspects of your “toxic traits” can be difficult, but it’s possible to use them in constructive, effective ways that will benefit you instead of holding you back.

Get clarity on your purpose and potential so that you can take charge of your feelings, life, and future by clicking HERE.

There’s no need to feel shame over these traits or attempt to hide them. Instead, sit with them, learn about them, and figure out how you can use them to your advantage.

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