The New Moon Rises In Romantic Libra on October 6th: Here’s What To Expect

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This week a powerful New Moon in Libra rises on October 6th, bringing with it harmony, safety and a chance for joyful reunion with lost loves and friends. This healing moon is a welcome arrival.

This upcoming new moon in Libra might be your chance to write your own romance and manifest romantic relationships.

A Time For Change

Alexa Fotos / Pexels

Alexa Fotos / Pexels

New Moons are all about turning points, and in Libra, this is related to re-establishing those lots and frayed connections with your loved ones.

The Sun is also in Libra – the goddess of love, so together these beautiful signs bring about a potent opportunity for interpersonal healing. The Moon is also “at home” in Cancer meaning its lunar potential is always amplified.