The New Moon Rises In Romantic Libra on October 6th: Here’s What To Expect

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This week a powerful New Moon in Libra rises on October 6th, bringing with it harmony, safety and a chance for joyful reunion with lost loves and friends. This healing moon is a welcome arrival.

This upcoming new moon in Libra might be your chance to write your own romance and manifest romantic relationships.

A Time For Change

Alexa Fotos / Pexels

Alexa Fotos / Pexels

New Moons are all about turning points, and in Libra, this is related to re-establishing those lots and frayed connections with your loved ones.

The Sun is also in Libra – the goddess of love, so together these beautiful signs bring about a potent opportunity for interpersonal healing. The Moon is also “at home” in Cancer meaning its lunar potential is always amplified.

Re-establishing Connections

two woman laying on dec and holding hands

Anna Shvetz / Pexels

Anna Shvetz / Pexels

Reach out to close friends you have not spoken to in a while, or ones where your relationship has frayed due to chaos and confusion. Take this opportunity to extend the olive branch. I bet they have some things they would like to speak with you about as well.

Under this moon’s harmonious and healing light, anything related to re-establishing family connections will flow easily.

Paving The Path For The Future

feet walking down wooden path

Tobi / Pexels

Tobi / Pexels

This moon is also about clearing the way for a new future, erasing constructs and ideas that have failed us. On the individual level, that means you let go of that which does not serve you and really explore and express what you want for yourself. More broadly we are seeing this manifest in a global push for equality and support of others.

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Releasing Bad Blood

hand reaching towards white petal flowers

Viktor mogilat / Pexles

Viktor mogilat / Pexles

Finally, this moon is about letting go of resentment, bad blood, or old ideas. Ask yourself what you are carrying with you into the next lunar cycle? What is it that you no longer need? What can you safely leave behind?

Even just going through this process will leave you feeling as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Trick for Manifesting

man writing in journal by bridge

Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

On the night of the new moon, take a piece of paper and write down all the traits of the ideal partner that you would like to have, or the name of the one you know you already want. You can do this to bring non romantic relationships closer to you as well.

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