5 Signs Your Partner Thinks You're "The One"

Do you find yourself trying at a relationship, unsure if they are noticing and appreciating your efforts. Well you can be sure that if they know of your intentions and see the effort, they will respond in like.

Have faith, do your best and communicate honestly. As long as they know the following examples are true they will appreciate you.

They Know You Won't Break The Trust Between You

Trust is an important part of any relationship. The fact that you actively develop and maintain their sense of trust, is leading them to think of your presence in their life in a long term sense. Be honest and transparent with your actions and intentions.

They Think You're The One Because You Can Put Aside Your Ego

When a fight occurs, you have no problem laying down your ego and admitting wrongdoing. Outside of conflicts you don't try to control every little detail. You give them the time and space to express themselves fully and reach their goals the way they wanted to.

If They Mention Marriage Or Starting A Family

Everything is going well in the present moments, so well that it is easy to see a future with the two of you. If they express the desire to expand your relationship, it means they have faith in you and your ability to grow.

They Think Highly Of Your Continued Support

They recognize your support and healthy desire for more in your relationship. They will show this this through appreciation and reciprocation. They will try and support your goals and let you know how your help has bring their desires into reality.

Your Creation Of Intimacy Is Definitely Noticed

Intimacy is a crucial element of successful relationships. It keeps monotony at bay and allows fresh energy to be found and nurtured. The more intimately and deeply connected the two of you can become, the more likely that you two will successfully grow together. That deeper re

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