The Ways A Woman’s Spirit Shatters When She Feels Unappreciated

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For a woman’s spirit to be whole she needs to not only pay attention to her own behavior but the way that others treat her. While she can’t control other’s thoughts and feelings, she should acknowledge how they influence her own. Some of the people who claim that they love us the most can turn out to be the people that hurt us the most.

A woman will start to feel unappreciated when her needs aren’t being met, when she gives more than she receives, and when her efforts are taken for granted. She might just do it anyway, not realizing the harm the unappreciation is causing to her spirit. Here’s the psychology of what will happen to her spirit.

She’ll Question Her Own Worth

woman hugs her knees in as she sits on wire chair

Ron Lach / Pexels

Ron Lach / Pexels

An unappreciated woman will often ask herself “why am I not enough?” She gives and she gives but doesn’t understand why it’s not reciprocated. This woman is taken advantage of. You assume that she’ll simply keep on giving. Her efforts are not acknowledged.

She’ll wonder what the point even is in all the effort she’s putting in. She’ll start to take it personally and wonder if she’s missing something. She’ll internalize that she’s the one lacking in some way and that no matter what she does, she’ll ever be able to give you what you need.