The Psychological Reasons Why Smart Women Get Stuck In Unhealthy Relationships

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Picture her. She’s got everything going for her, from her beauty to her success. She works hard at everything she does, including a relationship that doesn’t deserve her efforts. We’ve either seen her or been her. Women who stay in unhealthy relationships don’t do it because they’re not smart or don’t know any better.

They know deep down that logically their relationship is not where it should be. However, even as smart, wise, and self-confident women, there are 4 deep psychological that keep these women stuck in unhealthy relationships.

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Unresolved Childhood Issues

There is no denying that the more secure, stable, and healthy our childhood relationships with our parents are, the better our adult romantic relationships too. We form our first understanding of love, communication, and trust through our interaction with our parents. For a young girl, the bond they build with their father can predict the kind of relationship they would later have with men.

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Caroline Hernandez / Unsplash
Caroline Hernandez / Unsplash

An absent father for example may cause feelings of abandonment that his daughter later fills through a codependent relationship without realizing it. Girls may also learn to normalize bad behavior like a temper believing that if their father could be angry and still love them, then they should allow the same for their partner.

There is also a belief in psychology that we sometimes hope to repeat toxic patterns in relationships looking for answers or closure. For instance, a woman may end up in a relationship with a man who reminds her of her father, subconsciously hoping that she could fix the parts of herself or the relationship that she resents.