The Reasons Why Being A Woman Is As Powerful As It Is Difficult

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Women battle impossible standards on a daily basis. They are powerful, beautiful, even magical creatures yet to survive in this world they have to walk a fine line between “just right” and “too much.” It’s not enough to just be a woman.

To survive in this world women constantly feel like they are put against impossible standards, where they have to be different people, in different roles at all times. And yet, because of how powerful they are, they do it, and they do it well.

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Beautiful But Meeting An Unattainable Standard

woman stands in front of bright lights

Ilya Pavlov / Unspalsh

Ilya Pavlov / Unspalsh

​Women are celebrated for their beautiful diverse bodies. From curvy to slim, tall to petite, each size has its perks and special traits that make it desirable. Yet at the time, both men and women are flooded with images of what the ideal body should still look like. Tall like a model, but not taller than a man. Curvy like an hourglass figure but not fat. A woman is expected to wear makeup to look put together but criticized for looking fake, considered to have low self-esteem, or even called a catfish if she puts on too much.

A woman is beautiful. Every woman is beautiful. But her beauty is in her uniqueness, in what makes her happy and in the eyes of those who appreciate her, not based on what a perfume commercial has decided that day.