What Shape Are Your Feet? The Answer Reveals The Root Of Who You Are

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Every part of our being is there for a reason and makes sense if we search for its meaning. All the way from the making of our mind down to the shape of our feet, there are answers that reveal why we are the way we are and explain our behavior. Some of it can even give glimpses and hints into our future if we chose to listen and pay attention.

So before you dismiss the idea that your feet could reveal aspects of your being, down to the root of your identity, consider the role of your feet. Your feet are your vessel to walk the earth. They hold you up as you work, and they have grounded ancestors long before our days of working in an office. Feet molded and took the shape of the land we were on, the fashion we imposed on ourselves, and the kind of work our ancestors invested themselves in. This in turn shaped our personality. Here’s how.

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The Egyptian Foot: Daydreamers

man walking in desert  in Egypt by pyramids

Spencer Davis / Unsplash

Spencer Davis / Unsplash

The Egyptian foot alignment is one of the most common ones and it’s recognized by having the big toe be the longest while the rest of the toes follow in descending order at a 45-degree angle. This foot shape is also usually longer and narrower than other shapes.

When it comes to identity, this foot shape is said to be a descendant of a royal bloodline which comes off in the personality of those who walk on it. People with this foot shape appreciate when others take care of them and don’t mind being spoiled or at the center of attention.

However, as much as they’re all about self-care and being pampered, they also love to make sure those around them also feel loved and special, sometimes at their own expense. They can be secretive in an attempt to protect those around them from their own pay. However, their ability to daydream and manifest allows them to create the kind of world they want to live in and cave to being guided by their emotion and intuition over logic, even if that means sometimes being impulsive.