The Scariest Things Reported Have Nothing To Do With Ghosts, Be Terrified Of This

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Life is full of scary things. From heartbreaks to crimes, there’s a lot that we would want to protect ourselves from. When we think of horror movies, we tend to think of ghosts and jump scares, but what if we told you that the scariest things in life have nothing to do with that?

Those who witnessed them with their own eyes came back to share their experiences on a Reddit thread. Their stories send shivers down our spines, but not because they’re spooky, because they feel very real. This is what we should truly be most afraid of.

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“I saw a head-on collision between two SUVs on a remote section of road near Jasper. Approximately 100 km from the closest hospital. I was first on the scene, pulled bodies from burning vehicles after breaking windows, my shirt caught on fire, pulling people out.

Artyom Kulakov / Pexels
Artyom Kulakov / Pexels

I attempted CPR with two other people on 4 of the six people until they passed away in our arms. Their bodies were broken, or CPR was not possible due to severe facial injuries and pneumothorax. One man kept reaching up to me, asking me if he was going to die, and telling me he couldn’t breathe, but his lungs were obviously perforated. I breathed for him until he passed away.

I told him he was loved and was with people who cared for him. The vehicles caught on fire, causing a forest all around us, and had to be put out with a helicopter hours later.

Since then, I have had many horrifying dreams, but the dreams that stand out most are dreams of meeting the people who passed. In the dreams, they tell me positive words of encouragement and appreciation, even laughs and jokes about life. It’s weird. Please drive safe, love each other.” – imspine / Reddit


“I saw someone slip and fall from the top of Half Dome in Yosemite. I’m a first responder and have seen bad things, but I have control for the most part in those situations.

Yosemite Valley
William Brand / Pexels
William Brand / Pexels

Watching someone tumbling to their d**th and knowing nothing could be done was hard. Certainly didn’t help my fear of heights either.” JustGenericName / Reddit

Sometimes the scariest things in life are simply the ones we have no control over.


“The plane crashed about 200 feet from me. All I saw was burning rubble and a lot of fire. I was over with fire extinguishers pretty quickly but saw no bodies. They were under the wreckage.

Mark Neal / Pexels
Mark Neal / Pexels

Seeing a plane drop out of the sky and explode on impact with the ground was still pretty scary. Somehow I’m not afraid of flying.” – unknown

How did we decide that putting ourselves in a metal container and defying gravity was a good idea? it’s definitely a convenient way to explore the world, but it’s not without risk. No human invention is as we’re flawed by nature.

The Water

“I was diving in the Florida Keys on a very popular reef, was in about 30ft of water just kind of exploring. I came around this one corner of the reef, and about 10ft from me was the biggest bull shark I have ever seen, and it was just coming towards me.

turtle swimming under water
Belle / Pexels
Belle / Pexels

This thing was at least 9-10ft long. I’ve never pulled my dive knife out faster from my ankle. Thankfully it just went on its way and swam right past me. I did run my hand along it as it swam by, which was awesome.” — lasco10 / Reddit

There’s a whole world out there right under us that we are not a part of. A whole ecosystem and food chain exist in the water, and we’re a part of it, except we’re sometimes what’s for dinner.


“A wildfire. People don’t understand the noise, heat, and speed of a modern wildfire.

Pixabay / Pexels
Pixabay / Pexels

I have been managing wildfire risk for a long time, and nothing compares to first-hand witness of the literal hellscape on earth.

Watching one grow miles over minutes with resources surrounding on all sides, making no attempt to manage, gives a feeling of helplessness that lingers in the soul. Stay safe, everyone.” – REP143/ Reddit

There’s a reason we fear what we can’t control. We have no control over nature, yet we are completely dependent on it. As much as nature nourishes us, gives us air to breathe, and soothes our nervous system, it also has the power to destroy us with wildfires, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis. There’s nothing we can do but try to escape it.


“I was 10 and my family, and I were on vacation in NYC, exploring Wall Street when the first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Samer daboul / Pexels
Samer daboul / Pexels

The chaos I saw that day still haunts me to this day.” – budgetjohncho / Reddit

It’s not only human-made inventions that we should fear but the people behind them… We can be our own worst enemies when we allow greed, power, and fear to be our motivators. The scariest experiences are often brought on by other people who could’ve prevented them.

Don’t Let fear Of Consume You

If you think about it, everything in life is scary. The second you leave your house, you could get struck by lightning or get hit by a car. That means that you can’t live your life bound by the what-ifs and controlled by fear. In fact, risks are often the only way to growth and fulfillment. The bigger the risk, the higher the reward. So be fearless, and see how much of life you will experience.

Cottonbro studio / Pexels
Cottonbro studio / Pexels

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