Can You Trust Your Own Mind And Eyes? Experts On The Paranormal Say No

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We don’t fully yet understand the paranormal world but we’re fascinated by it. We try to imagine what ghosts look like in movies and books, and we sometimes even believe to have encountered them ourselves. In fact, those who believe in ghosts are many and if you’re one of them, you are not alone. Around 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and as many as 18% of people have reported contact with a ghost.

But to the non-believer, it’s just a chilling possibility. However, who’s to say it would never happen to you? Well, it turns out that even science warns you not to trust your own eyes and mind. Find out why!

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A Natural Response To The Environment

woman eyes and ears blocked by a pair of hands

Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

One of the reasons science says to not trust what we see when we think we’ve encountered a haunted house is that chances are, people are responding to something in the environment. Yet, that “something” is far less exciting than restless spirits and ghosts.

Instead,researchers have found that it’s often a result of infrasounds, which can be caused by anything from wind gusts of air conditioners to earthquakes. This means that our own senses can fool us.