Can You Trust Your Own Mind And Eyes? Experts On The Paranormal Say No

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We don’t fully yet understand the paranormal world but we’re fascinated by it. We try to imagine what ghosts look like in movies and books, and we sometimes even believe to have encountered them ourselves. In fact, those who believe in ghosts are many and if you’re one of them, you are not alone. Around 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and as many as 18% of people have reported contact with a ghost.

But to the non-believer, it’s just a chilling possibility. However, who’s to say it would never happen to you? Well, it turns out that even science warns you not to trust your own eyes and mind. Find out why!

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A Natural Response To The Environment

woman eyes and ears blocked by a pair of hands

Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

One of the reasons science says to not trust what we see when we think we’ve encountered a haunted house is that chances are, people are responding to something in the environment. Yet, that “something” is far less exciting than restless spirits and ghosts.

Instead,researchers have found that it’s often a result of infrasounds, which can be caused by anything from wind gusts of air conditioners to earthquakes. This means that our own senses can fool us.

It Comes Down To An Energy Exchange

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Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Geralt / Pixabay Via Canva Pro

Every essence is known to emit its own kind of energy so we’re all constantly living in a sort of energy exchange. This is why the energy we release can influence the vibrations of the energy we attract. The same kind of idea goes for ghosts when we consider electromagnetic energy.

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic fields, but these fields are disrupted by power lines and electronic devices. Sometimes they mess with the fields and give off ghostly vibes and can even “conjure” up their own apparitions.

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A Process Of Evolution

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Gajus / Canva Pro

Gajus / Canva Pro

As human beings, we are constantly trying to make sense of our world and being. Sometimes we try to give meaning to things that we can’t explain just to rationalize them and feel some kind of control over them. In that same sense, some people start to see patterns where they don’t exist. Think of when you walk alone in a forest at night for example.

If you hear weird sounds coming from the tree, you might assume that harm is coming your way and run away to avoid being attacked. Out of a need to protect yourself, you interpret the sound, label it and give it meaning. This has been a part of evolution since the beginning of time and is meant to help us survive. In fact, Evolutionary theorists think that the tendency to attribute events to an entity with an agency is why we have beliefs in ghosts or even, angels, demons and God.

It’s All In Your Head

hand holding hologram of teh brain

Peskov / Getty Images Pro Via Canva Pro

Peskov / Getty Images Pro Via Canva Pro

Something can feel real and still not be real because perception and reality are worlds apart. The more we’re prone to believing something, the more we actually will believe it. It’s kind of like a placebo effect. For example, if someone tells you a place is haunted and you go there, you’re already going in with the mentality that there is a possibility of seeing something paranormal. This increases the odds of you experiencing something weird.

This is just human nature. It’s like when a friend tells you to be wary of a person so you already have an impression of them before even meeting them. This is just a perception and not necessarily a reflection of who they really are.

This leads us to believe that you can’t even trust your mind. Unless you’re looking at something completely objectively, without any previous influence, then you already have a perception. Researchers hypothesized that haunting events happen because people misperceive some slightly ambiguous events as paranormal and then that sparks their tendency to look out for even more weird stuff.

Not Even Seeing Is Believing

close up of woman's brow eyes looking up

Marina Vitale / Unsplash

Marina Vitale / Unsplash

Studies found that people with paranormal beliefs tend to have particularly rich imaginations so they are more prone to sightings of the paranormal. This also puts them at risk of developing false memories where they truly believe that they remember clearly where they were and who they were with when they saw something weird when it didn’t actually happen. Studies say that what they’re remembering is the time that they imagined it.

Even having multiple witnesses isn’t enough to trust our own eyes. When another person in the room says they’re seeing something paranormal, it increases the percentage of people who said they’d seen movement from 40 percent to 60 percent. This is because they’re now looking for it.

So What Do We Trust?

close up of woman's deep blue eye

Amanda Dalbjörn / Unsplash

Amanda Dalbjörn / Unsplash

At the end of the day, there is no real way to know what is actually real and what isn’t. The universe is so big and as much as we like to think that we have it all figured out with science there is so much that is possible that we simply can’t understand. So perhaps ghosts are real and perhaps you should trust your intuition!

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