The Sign Most Likely To Find Love In 2023

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Have you picked out your new year’s resolutions yet? Maybe you have some things in mind you plan on manifesting, changes you want to make, or goals you plan on achieving. Maybe you have none of those things, and plan on riding the year out as it comes to you.

There’s no right or wrong way to tackle the coming of a new year, but regardless of if you’re a staunch resolution-setter or not, astrology can help in letting you know what themes will be present in the coming year so you can best prepare yourself for the future.

For one sign, love is on the menu in 2023, but it’ll be much more complicated than they might think.

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What Are You Hoping For In 2023?

With each new year brings renewed vigor that we may find luck in certain areas of our lives. Money, friendships, careers, education, health, whatever we find ourselves most worried about during these winter months.

Someone holding a sparkler.
Unsplash / Cristian Escobar
Unsplash / Cristian Escobar

One of the most common concerns people bring into the new year is love. Love is integral to our society, a theme in almost everything we consume, and a primordial human experience we all desire in some capacity.

Astrology Can Help

It’s true that the stars can aid us in knowing what’s coming our way in regard to love.

The night sky as seen through some trees.
Pexels / Asad Photo Maldives
Pexels / Asad Photo Maldives

We need only look at the astrological year ahead for each zodiac sign to determine which will have a romance-focused year and which will have their attention drawn elsewhere to take part in the growth needed before they should start concerning themselves too heavily with romance.

One Particular Sign

In 2023, there’s one lucky sign that appears to have quite a fortunate year ahead of them when it comes to love.

A couple standing atop a mountain, facing away from the camera, each using one hand to make a heart shape above their heads.
Pexels / juan mendez
Pexels / juan mendez

This luck won’t just manifest in them finding a new partner, but will also produce multiple experiences that will help them grow in love. It will aid them in identifying what their priorities are in a relationship while also teaching them what to stay away from. It will be a constructive and productive year for this sign in the realm of romance.


Libras can expect a very fruitful year relationship-wise!

A clip of a star chart that showcases the libra constellation.
Getty Images via Canva / RapidEye
Getty Images via Canva / RapidEye

Though it won’t be as simple as ‘every Libra will find the love of their life,’ 2023 is still packed full of luck and abundance for their romantic endeavors.

It will happen in phases though so let’s break down the year and see what the seasons have in store for you.

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Early 2023

The beginning of the year will, admittedly, provide some challenges. You’re on the tail end of a long period of self-discovery and personal growth, which will come in handy when you’re presented with some immaturity from those around you early on in 2023.

A bronze justice statue that shows a blindfolded woman holding a scale.
Getty Images via Canva / Nicola Forenza
Getty Images via Canva / Nicola Forenza

It will be a good exercise in resolve and boundary setting. You may run into a potential suitor that can’t take no for an answer, or an opportunity for a fun (but ultimately irresponsible) fling. You didn’t put the work in to better yourself just to throw it away on temporary adrenaline! Be strong through these initial trials and you’ll be rewarded later.

Jupiter Transit

The good news is that after the first quarter, once winter melts away into warmer months, Libras will begin to see new romantic abundance. In April, Jupiter will transit into the seventh house—the house that rules over relationships—meaning you’ll be given plenty of romantic opportunities.

A couple each atop a bike, kissing on a boardwalk in front of a sunset above the water.
Pexels / Asad Photo Maldives
Pexels / Asad Photo Maldives

It may be chaotic as you try to gain footing. It can be overwhelming to have so many astrological factors in your favor—a rush of things that you’ve been starved of for some time now! Once you find solid ground, you’ll find yourself overflowing with choices.

Stability Will Follow

Around mid-summer is when this initial burst of romantic endeavors will finally settle into something more stable, once the North Node enters Aries in July. That said, don’t let yourself become too attached or hung up on anything that happened in the first half of the year. Consider it a reintroduction to the world of dating with the new and improved you. What follows this North Node transit will be much calmer and healthier, something you can feel confident in.

A closeup of a couple's torsos/midsections where the man is sitting behind the woman and embracing her.
Pexels / Jonathan Borba
Pexels / Jonathan Borba

This is also the perfect time to raise your standards. You worked hard to better yourself, you shouldn’t settle for someone who refuses to do the same.

Let Love Flow

After that, you’re largely in the clear. There may be another brief period of tensions during October, namely around the solar eclipse which can cause some emotional cloudiness and hostility, but if you keep a level head all throughout and really flex those improved communication skills, you’ll come out just fine!

A couple holding their faces close to one another in the middle of a street in the rain.
Unsplash / Clay Banks
Unsplash / Clay Banks

After October is over, you’ll make great strides when it comes to affection. If you’re in a relationship by then, your bond will only become stronger. If you’re single, you’ll see strengthened connections with your loved ones and potentially a very intense new romantic interest. Don’t let the speed scare you; this connection is strong for a reason!

For All The Other Signs

If you’re not a Libra, it doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of luck regarding romance.

A globe that showcases all the constellations.
Unsplash / Vedrana Filipović
Unsplash / Vedrana Filipović

Every new year is a new opportunity for love to come your way, and no one horoscope can predict every tiny thing that will happen to you.

No matter your sign, if you want love to bloom, the best thing you can do is put yourself out there and continue to focus on the self. When you better yourself, you attract better people and set yourself up for a stable and loving relationship.

Keep Your Heart Open

You also have to be open, though. You can be as emotionally strong as you want, but if you can’t find it in yourself to be vulnerable with others, any new partner will never see you in your entirety, eventually driving them away.

A heart-shaped lock on a wire.
Unsplash / Miha Arh
Unsplash / Miha Arh

Every side of you is beautiful, worth knowing, and worthy of love. To hide your dark parts away from the world does nothing but cause anxiety and tension in both yourself and those who love you. Be kind to yourself, allow others to be kind to you, and let your heart lead the way!

In any relationship, always look at how you feel and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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