The Sign Most Likely To Get A Kiss By The Mistletoe in 2022

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The holidays are a time of cheer, love, and, for some lucky ones, kisses by the mistletoe. This is one of many There are so many meaningful Christmas traditions and symbols around the world.

The tradition of kissing by the mistletoe dates back to the Romans but has kept up to modern date. This year in 2022, there is one particular sign that astrological alignment suggests is most likely to get a kiss under the mistletoe. If your sun sign, moon sign, or most importantly, your rising sign falls under this zodiac sign, you’re in for a treat this holiday season, here’s why.

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Why Do We Kiss By The Mistletoe?

Kissing under the mistletoe is a holiday tradition that has been passed on year to year, with few people understanding its context. If you really think about it, it’s kind of odd that we decided to kiss someone under a plant. Before it was a holiday tradition, mistletoes were tied to both Norse mythology and Greek and Roman medicine.

couple kiss under mistletoe dressed up
Julia Bonillo / Unsplash
Julia Bonillo / Unsplash

The mistletoe is a symbolically important plant and has been for centuries in many cultures because of their belief in its medicinal properties. The Greeks used mistletoes to cure everyday problems like cramps, while the Romans used it to treat poison and seizures.

So how did we go from medicine to romance? It started with Celtic Druids, who were impressed that the healing plant blossomed even in the cold of winter. They thought this meant it symbolized vitality and could restore fertility. But still, they were still far from associating it with kisses.

The Legend Of The Goddess Of Love

Getting closer to the idea of the mistletoe that we know today, a Norse mythology legend tells the story of Loki, the trickster god, who used an arrow made of mistletoe to kill the son of another god. His mother happened to be Frigg, the goddess of love, and she was heartbroken over her son’s death.

red-berry-plant for mistletoe
Lum3n / Pexels
Lum3n / Pexels

She somehow later resurrected him, ad being so happy that he came back to her, she vowed as the goddess of love, that she would kiss anyone who passed the plant, a symbol of love. This is probably where the mistletoe kiss tradition started before it became popular.

Moving Through The Astrology Of The Holidays

Now back to astrology, the holidays are an important time. The holiday season of astrology always starts on 11/1 and ends on 1/11. These angel numbers are associated with the spiritual reflection that comes with the spirit of Halloween and moves on to gratitude during Thanksgiving.

Victoria Strelka_ph /Pexels
Victoria Strelka_ph /Pexels

The energy shifts to the festive time of Christmas, where bonds with loved ones are strengthened before moving to the hopeful shift of New Year’s Eve. This is why astrological and spiritual energies are strongest during this time, felt by a collective and able to create more powerful shifts and manifestations.

This time of year is always emotional, sentimental, and introspective. It’s a time meant for nurturing relationships or even beginning new ones. However, the stars align in an especially special order for one zodiac sign this year.

Pisces: A Time Just For You

Pisces this season will be extra special for you but not because of romance, but because it’s time you’re supposed to have alone. As Jupiter retrograde comes to an end on November 23, it stations directly at 28 degrees Pisces. This means that you’re about to feel a burst of confidence.

hoto-of-woman-sitting-near-the-christmas-tree- on the floor
NastyaSensei / Pexels
NastyaSensei / Pexels

This is thanks to all the internal work you’ve been doing and the revelations it brought. The more you confront your emotions, the less insecure you feel and the more you want to embrace the world.

Take this time to prioritize whatever you want to do. The more you pursue your true desire, the more you will attract the right person who aligns with that lifestyle. Keep establishing your independence and finding the courage to be your beautiful self.

Capricorn: Answers Are Coming

Capricorn, your energy is about to get really powerful as the sun enters your planet just a few days before Christmas. This is the kind of energy that fills you with hope and makes you walk with your head held higher. It may be cold outside, but The light and warmth of the sun bring you clarity and comfort.

Darius Krause / Pexels
Darius Krause / Pexels

Use the end of this year to work through any resolved stress so that you’re ready to give yourself to the right person in the new year, feeling sure of who you are and who you want to be. You may not be kissing under the mistletoe just yet, but your time is very close. By December 29th, as Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn on December 29, you could be receiving all the answers you’re looking for.

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Sagittarius: Coming Alive During The Holidays

You were born during the holidays, Sagittarius, so it’s only fitting that this is your time to shine. You came alive during the season, and the spotlight is all about you. You may not be sharing a kiss under the mistletoe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a long line of suitors willing to.

people-having-a-party-with man in christmas hat

This season you’re too busy making the most of every moment, from watching all your favorite movie classics to going to potlucks with friends and family. You plan to spoil everyone you love, especially as Jupiter, the planet of extravagance and indulgence, rules you. This season you inspire all those around you with your sense of adventure and zest for the colder months. Once the season dies down, you’ll be able to redirect that passion back to smooching.

The Sign Most Likely To Get A Kiss By The Mistletoe Is….

Lucky for you, Virgo, you have been selected as the sign most likely to get a kiss by the mistletoe this year! The holiday is an exciting time for you as Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Capricorn on December 6, activating your fifth house of fun, romance, and pleasure. This energy shift has you seeing the world through heart eyes.

couple kiss by mistletoe at home
New Africa Studio / Canva Pro
New Africa Studio / Canva Pro

You’re vibrating love out and attracting it back. If you step under a mistletoe, you won’t be able to resist a kiss. Love is in the cards for you this season. Whether through an old frame resurfacing or current love, get your lips puckered up!

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Tima Miroshnichenko / Pexels

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