The Small But Mighty Things That Confident Women Do Differently

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Have you heard of the confidence gap? it’s the idea that men generally have a positive outlook on life because of their assumed skills and job prospects. Then women have a harder time because they believe they’re not good enough for a promotion or as deserving as the men around them.

Confident women have been able to break through the gap. They hold a high estimate of their worth and they’re not afraid to show it to the world. So what is it that they do differently that makes them so likable and successful? Here are are the five small things that make a big difference that confident women do.

They Have A Ritual For Low Times

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Garin Chadwick / Unsplash

Garin Chadwick / Unsplash

​What makes or breaks a person is how they deal with the tough times. Confident women have it down to a system. When they’re feeling low, they don’t just cave to it and let it take over their whole demeanor. Instead, they each have their own unique ritual that helps them snap out of it.

Some confident women report having a journal where they read out loud their affirmations and release their anxious thoughts. Others meditate or go for a walk, immersing themselves in nature. They find what works, and they stick with it, even when it’s the last thing they want to do. Confident women are also disciplined women.