The Smartest People Dream About This One Specific Stressful Situation

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We have been trying to master the art of dream interpretation since the beginning of therapy and the study of the mid. In fact, Sigmund Freud paved the way in the world of psychology with his theory that dreams are reflections of the subconscious.

Since his time, science has worked hard on studying sleep cycles and figuring out not only why we dream but what our dreams mean. Many theories have come out of these studies ringing up questions such as: “are dreams glimpses into parallel universes?” Now a new study reveals that dreaming about this specific situation may be trying to tell us something.

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Why Do We Dream?

To understand our dreams, we need first to know why we dream. Dreams are often assumed to be jumbled-up projections of memories or events we’ve recently experienced with no particular meaning. However, psychologists and scientists would argue that dreams are like a portal into the subconscious that can help us understand our being, deepest desires and even access repressed memories as well as new nonphysical forms and worlds.

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Ihor Malytskyi / Unsplash
Ihor Malytskyi / Unsplash

Freud, for example, argued that we dream when we have unresolved thoughts that need to be released and worked through. He created the free-association technique where patients could start making connections between the symbols of their dreams and what they represented.