The Summer’s Most Positive New Moon Arriving June 29th In Cancer

This week, a revolutionary New Moon in Cancer occurs on June 29th. This moon is all about learning to love oneself, retraining our thoughts surrounding shame and guilt, and embracing our deepest feelings of compassion for others.

When this sensual New Moon rises, it’s a time for new beginnings, rejuvenation, and establishing intentions. Positivity is ahead all around.

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The Moon’s Revolutionary Energies

This Moon has potent revolutionary energies that take the shape of tremendous lessons about discipline and endurance. There is knowledge to be found for those willing to look within during this lunation.

Kaique Rocha / Pexels
Kaique Rocha / Pexels

You must, in particular, let go of the counter-productive thought patterns that have been racing through your head these past few months.