The Surprising Reasons Men Are Choosing To Spend The Holidays Alone

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Not everyone gets the picture-perfect holidays huddled with their loved ones around a Christmas tree, sipping on hot chocolate. Some for either circumstantial or desired reasons, chose to spend the holidays on. The following men are actually looking forward be alone this holiday season and not for the reasons that you would think.

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Celebrating Divorce

man sits down at coffee shop

[ik] @invadingkingdom / Unsplash

[ik] @invadingkingdom / Unsplash

“Honestly I’m excited. My wife of ten years dumped me about two months ago but agreed to let me stay with the kids until New Year. Went from horribly depressed to outright over the moon, and now can’t wait to get my own place, work on myself and become the best dad I can be to my kids.

Moving back to where my family are, next to the sea, and the thought of being able to be ‘me’ without worrying about upsetting the ex somehow is resulting in a weird and wonderful feeling I haven’t had in a long time.” – mintysambo / Reddit

This man thought that he would never be able to be happy again, but the holiday season reminded him of who he was without his partner. It gave him the freedom to be who he wants to be without worrying about how it affected someone else.

Releasing Melancholy

man in snowy forest holding hands close to his face

Sorin Gheorghita / Unspash

Sorin Gheorghita / Unspash

For over a decade, I was an alchemist of melancholy. Until I realized it was rather an addiction to pain. I was self-sabotaging until I realized I was more frightened of success than of failure.

It’s about self-development through knowing yourself and actively cleaning and constructing the pathway to your genuine self with full awareness. It’s a long road. But it’s worth it. The most important ingredient: become active, become the lead role in your story. Don’t be like a secondary character. You’re the director and protagonist.” – vianvoleur / Reddit

The holidays tend to be full of life. Lights decorate the streets, and homes are busy with guests. This time can be a wake-up call that gets you to ask: “what is your source of energy?” You’ll find out the hard way that energy is harvested within yourself and that it’s others who might be draining it. This means that sometimes it’s better to be alone on Christmas but full of energy than surrounded by people who drain it.

Happiness Is Found Inwards

man stands behind christmas tree, look off to the side with his hand in his coat pocket

Serhiy Hipskyy / Unsplash

Serhiy Hipskyy / Unsplash

“I’m working. I’m satisfied. I got a job. Got warm clothes. I’m hydrated. Probably going to eat some waffles later so that’s nice. Life is good. I’m content.” – Dilostilo / Reddit

The easiest path to happiness is gratitude. If you’re always coming from a place of lack, pitying yourself for being alone or wishing that you had more, you’ll never truly appreciate what you have. That means that even if you were surrounded by people and gifts during the holidays you would fail to appreciate that. Be grateful for where you’re at and you’ll surprise yourself with how happy it can make you.

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No Forced Smiles

Family at christmas dinner cheers their wine glasses

Kraken Images / Unsplash

Kraken Images / Unsplash

​”No forced social activities, no questioning of my reclusive tendencies, hours of video games, lots of sports on, city is quiet and unusually clean.” – ninohero/ Reddit

Holiday dinners have turned into political debates and interrogations when they’re not full of gossips and shallow conversation. There’s only so much you can say to extended family members you only really see once a year. Why bother subjecting yourself to the scrutiny of others when you can be alone, protecting your self-esteem and feeling confident in your choices?

Helping Others

man in hospital uniform sits down with mask on

Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

“I’m spending it alone because I work in a hospital. My mom dropped off some Xmas food and presents yesterday and I had a decent meal. Will have it again today too!” – Bigyeetus6 / Reddit

The world can’t entirely shut down just because it’s Christmas. Many still have to work to keep it going, namely those who work in hospitality and emergency services. This doesn’t make them any less deserving to be spending the holidays in good company and shows their selflessness as they’re willing to put others before themselves

Serving A Greater Purpose

military plaza with christmas trees and people walking through

Mary Ray / Unsplash

Mary Ray / Unsplash

“Deployed to the Middle East again and spending my 5th Christmas out here but I’m surrounded by good dudes and they made us an awesome dinner so it’s certainly not my worst Christmas. Miss my family and friends but that just makes the Christmases I get at home all the more special.”

For some, what matters more on Christmas day is what makes the biggest impact all other 364 days of the year. The holidays come down to just a big dinner and some presents on an assigned day. Some of the men on this list are on a journey towards something bigger that makes an impact not just during the holidays but for the whole remainder of their lives.

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woman from the waist down laying in bed with

Thought Catalog / Unsplash

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