This Short Animated Video Perfectly Illustrates The Madness Of Our World

It's difficult to keep it all together. The more time goes by, the more society puts stressful stuff on us. We have to manage a pristine appearance and existence at all times otherwise, what are we? Failures, that's what! And we'll never find love and no one will like us and...and...and....

Yeah, this is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night too. It's hard to feel balanced when everything is so unbalanced. We're plagued by troubles, be them physical or mental or emotional.

What do you think would happen if we allowed ourselves to lose control and break down? What if all of society broke down? Would we recover? Would we relearn to be happy?

In this video, called The Sanity of Madness produced by The School of Life, we examine the difficulty of being on your a game, so to speak, all the time. It's obvious, though easily forgotten, how out of control our lives can get.


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