The Toxic Behaviors Displayed By Emotionally Reactive People That Ruin Relationships

We are all human with emotions that we are entitled to feel. However, we are also responsible for how we control these emotions. This a harder task for emotionally reactive people who often react before they have fully processed what they’re even feeling.

They get caught up in the heat of the moment and are only able to see their own emotion. The problem with that is that these people don’t often see reason or others because they’re too overwhelmed with their emotions. Here’s how to note when a person doesn’t even realize they are displaying this behavior.

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They Are Easily Offended

Emotionally reactive people tend to read into everything. They have convinced themselves that the world is out to get them. Because they haven’t yet taken the time to work through the root of their emotional triggers, they find themselves easily upset by comments or behavior that isn’t targeted to hurt them.

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Andrew Neel / Unsplash
Andrew Neel / Unsplash

They can go from a high to a low just based on one small remark or change of tone of voice. They need validation and would rather over-clarify to counteract their intuitive reaction of assuming the worse.