The Truth Will Come Out This Week, Here’s What Mercury’s Energy Shift Means For Your Sign

Weekly Horoscopes July 18th – 24th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

Truth gets a big boost early this week when Mercury moves into honest, courageous Leo. This energy is excellent for big picture ideas but not so hot on detail. It is, however, heartfelt, so there will be fewer hidden agendas during this transit.

On Friday, the Sun joins Mercury in bold Leo, bringing a burst of warmth, generosity, and larger-than-life behavior. A difficult and angry lunar tangle slightly dampens this feel-good energy with Saturn and Uranus, but tension can be resolved by sticking to your principles.

The weekend is largely influenced by the sociable Gemini Moon, making Saturday and Sunday excellent days for partying, dating, or catching up with friends.

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You are urged to speak out about something important this week, particularly on Tuesday when Mercury moves into the risk-taking zone of your natal birth chart. Being a whistleblower is not much fun, but you will know in your heart that you need to do this.

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Look to the arrival of the Sun in this same area of your chart on Friday for an uplifting surge of joy. You may be struggling with financial issues around this time, thanks to the difficult lunar aspects on Friday, but a larger-than-life sense of humor will carry you through.

Over the weekend, make a point of getting back in touch with old friends or those who live a long way away. Distance should be no barrier in this technological age!