The Truth Will Come Out This Week, Here’s What Mercury’s Energy Shift Means For Your Sign

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Weekly Horoscopes July 18th – 24th, 2022. Brought to you by our friend Kelli Fox at Astrology.TV

Truth gets a big boost early this week when Mercury moves into honest, courageous Leo. This energy is excellent for big picture ideas but not so hot on detail. It is, however, heartfelt, so there will be fewer hidden agendas during this transit.

On Friday, the Sun joins Mercury in bold Leo, bringing a burst of warmth, generosity, and larger-than-life behavior. A difficult and angry lunar tangle slightly dampens this feel-good energy with Saturn and Uranus, but tension can be resolved by sticking to your principles.

The weekend is largely influenced by the sociable Gemini Moon, making Saturday and Sunday excellent days for partying, dating, or catching up with friends.

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You are urged to speak out about something important this week, particularly on Tuesday when Mercury moves into the risk-taking zone of your natal birth chart. Being a whistleblower is not much fun, but you will know in your heart that you need to do this.

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Look to the arrival of the Sun in this same area of your chart on Friday for an uplifting surge of joy. You may be struggling with financial issues around this time, thanks to the difficult lunar aspects on Friday, but a larger-than-life sense of humor will carry you through.

Over the weekend, make a point of getting back in touch with old friends or those who live a long way away. Distance should be no barrier in this technological age!


Mercury’s change of sign on Tuesday encourages bold thinking regarding home or family matters. You can use your charisma and flair to your advantage in these areas of life now – but don’t make any promises you can’t keep.

When the Sun changes signs on Friday, family relationships are bathed in the full solar light of Leo, one of the warmest signs in the zodiac. Make the most of the love and togetherness available around this date – especially if the clash between the Moon, Saturn, and Uranus is troubling your mental health.

Money is easy come, easy go over the weekend, but this does look like a good time for shopping, finding bargains, or selling some of your junk for extra cash.


Your ruling planet Mercury moves into the communication zone of your natal birth chart on Tuesday – so you’ll feel right at home with this energy. You can talk, talk, talk, and then talk some more, setting the world to rights in good company.

Friday finds you somewhat conflicted over a psychic or paranormal experience, where you half want to believe, and half want to dismiss it. Fortunately, on the same day, the Sun’s change of signs blesses you with extra insight and gives you much food for thought.

Over the weekend, the Moon shines from Gemini, so this is an excellent time to enjoy a party or go out on a new date. Be very careful with gossip, however – something you’re sharing is simply not true.

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Mercury moves into the money zone of your natal birth chart on Tuesday. This is excellent energy for long-range financial planning. Still, it does tend to overlook the everyday details – be sure that your money isn’t being squandered away without you even realizing what you’re spending.

During difficult lunar energy on Friday, tensions in your social life may come to a head. The Sun changes signs at just the right moment to highlight the values you share with your social group, and this may help you find some common ground if a friendship is struggling.

Over the weekend, grab some peace and quiet while you can – this energy is not very sociable in your chart.


This is definitely your week! Mercury moves into Leo on Tuesday, clearing your mind and helping you be more creative and expressive than ever. Later, on Friday, the Sun blazes into Leo, too, in a showcase of confidence, showbiz drama, warmth, and joy. You can bask in the limelight now, to your heart’s content.

However, watch out for some tension in your career on Friday, especially between the ‘old guard’ and those who want to reinvent the wheel. You may need to choose your side carefully.

Get away from work-related tensions with lots of social activity over the weekend. The Moon shines from your friendship zone on Saturday and Sunday, so spend time with those who make you laugh.


Mercury, your ruling planet, changes signs on Tuesday, moving into the most private and secretive part of your natal birth chart. This can prompt a lot of self-analysis and introspection – it’s essential to be kind to yourself instead of judging yourself harshly.

On Friday, the Sun joins Mercury in this area of your chart, flooding it with warmth and light. Something hidden may come to light – something that you would have preferred to keep private – but in the long run, you’ll be glad the secret is out.

If you can work over the weekend, do. The Moon shines from your ambitions zone, so you will be keen to keep working towards a goal.

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There’s a massive upswing in your social life this week, with first Mercury and then the Sun moving into this area of your natal birth chart on Tuesday and Friday, respectively. This energy is brilliant for making new friends and getting to know old friends much, much better.

On Friday, however, you may find yourself conflicted between what you would love to do versus what you feel you must do. Difficult lunar aspects influence this clash of freedom versus duty – but advice from friends will prove illuminating.

The weekend is a perfect time for travel – take a trip somewhere new, or journey from your armchair with a good documentary.


Mercury moves into the career zone of your natal birth chart on Tuesday – and this is energy that’s perfect for strategizing towards your future goals. Take an intelligent, analytical approach to any problems at work, being sure to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

On Friday, the Sun joins Mercury, lighting up your ambitions with fiery, passionate solar energy, which drives you towards success. However, watch out for mixed feelings from your partner as complex lunar conflicts play out behind the scenes of this outwardly positive and ambitious phase.

Over the weekend, think about how you can start paying back your debts – not just your financial ones.


Mercury’s sign change brings very philosophical, thoughtful energy to your week. You can see all possible sides of every story right now, which – as much as it creates issues with decision making – is a rare gift.

On Friday, you may feel confused or irritated when lunar energies create conflicts in your daily routines. However, the Sun changes signs and heads into your adventure zone that day – so embrace spontaneity and see any disruption as a chance to have some fun.

Over the weekend, the Moon shines from your opposite sign, which dramatically influences your love life.

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When Mercury changes signs on Tuesday, you may temporarily find yourself weighed down by some very serious thoughts. Your mind will be probing into existential questions about life, death, and everything in between – this can be a fascinating period, but also one that asks difficult psychological questions.

Fortunately, when the Sun changes signs on Friday, your doubts and questions are illuminated by a blaze of passion, enthusiasm, and warmth, which will help you to stay super-positive.

Saturday and Sunday are good days for getting organized – clear out your clutter, streamline your schedule, slim down your appointments. The more organized you are, the more free time you’ll gain.


Mercury’s arrival in your opposite sign on Tuesday is excellent news for your love life. This energy opens up communication and makes sharing goals, visions, and dreams much easier for you and your sweetheart.

Later, on Friday, the Sun also moves into your opposite sign, blessing your love life with warmth, passion, joy, and plenty of affection. This is a lovely time for making a romantic commitment, but be aware of some tension within your family around the same time.

The weekend’s lunar energies are all about having fun – shrug off your cares and worries and indulge your inner child. Get creative, find laughter in the most unlikely of places, and put a spring back in your step.


Mercury’s sign change on Tuesday sharpens up your organizational skills – very helpful energy if you’ve been drowning in chaos recently! This is also an excellent time to focus on your day-to-day routine tasks – find better ways to do what needs to be done.

On Friday, the Sun changes signs, too, blessing your physical and mental health with a massive upswing of wellness. Feeling inspired, motivated, and engaged, you’ll want to try out new wellness routines now – and why not?

The weekend is influenced by lunar energies, focusing on home and family. Get stuck into tidying, decorating, or otherwise beautifying your home – and get the family involved too!

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