The Unbearable 7 Truths About Losing A Parent

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Losing the very person who gave you life isn’t easy no matter what space they occupied in your life. Even if they were estranged from you, their absence is still a loss. However, the closer was your bond, the harder it is to even adjust to the idea that someone who was there for as long as you were, now isn’t.

The world as you know it suddenly changes and it can completely tear your life apart from when you’re unprepared. However, let these 7 truths validate your grief and reassure you that you will make it out.

Feeling Alone In The World

When a parent is alive we know that no matter how alone we feel, we’re never truly alone. We are a part of them and they are a part of us which creates a blood bond that transcends even the most complicated of relationships.

lonely man at water facing it
Lukas Rychvalsky / Unsplash
Lukas Rychvalsky / Unsplash

When the safety of having a person who loves unconditionally, even at our worse, is gone, it can deepen our loneliness. Despite death being a part of life it can still feel like abandonment and trigger fears of rejection the more we realize that our parent is never coming back.