The Unsettling Reason Why Grocery Stores Have No Windows, According To Psychology

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Unless you’re living on a remote island and living off of its land, you’ve gone inside of a grocery store at some point in your life, if not probably just this morning. This is the one place you leave knowing you’d be back to again soon. Grocery stores don’t need to market to you because they know you rely on them.

However, that doesn’t mean that you’re immune to their psychological tricks. Your psyche is being manipulated to consume as soon as you pull up to the door. However, one unsettling psychological reason, in particular, explains why grocery stores never have any windows.

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First Reason: Maximizing Space

There are actually a few reasons why grocery stores don’t have windows that aren’t all about manipulation. Some of them are practical. For instance, grocery stores need to pack a lot into a limited space so they have to figure out ways to maximize their aisle. The display space is split into aisles with each aisle being about four or five shelves high. This leaves very little room for windows.

Grocery store aisle with lights mostly off
Franki Chamaki / Unsplash
Franki Chamaki / Unsplash

After all space in a grocery store is money. Every inch is used for display or functionality. With space especially in popular areas being limited and pricey, stores need to choose efficiency over natural lighting.