The Very Real Dangers Of The Ouija Board That Show It’s Not A Game

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Every other horror movie has centered around ghosts and spirits that were summoned through Ouija boards. But even outside of fiction, Ouija boards have become a favorite party game that seems innocent on the outside when reality it can unlock the door to dangerous spirits.

Ouija boards have very real dangers that you should be aware of so that if you decide to take the risk and play with spirits anyway, you know exactly what kind of dark and deceitful path you may be walking on.

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The First Ouija Board

The first Ouija board was made in 1886, at a time when it had a very different significance than today.

Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels
Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

The first advertisements for the Ouija board showed up in newspapers proclaiming that it was a wonderful thinking board. People were led to believe that the Ouija board held answers to the unknown and that it could provide guidance to people’s most pressing questions about the past, present, and future with “marvelous accuracy.”

As people started using it, it was revealed that the Ouija board was a lot more sinister than they thought.

Both Fun And Terrifying

The original board was once very different than what it is today. The basic design was similar, still marked by the signature planchette used to navigate the board.

Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels
Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

However, the purpose of the board became about being able to communicate with the dead and changed again when it became a simple game today. Even Toys ‘R Us sold the board as a mystical oracle meant for innocent and wholesome fun. But is that even possible?

Death In The 19th Century

As a society, we tend to give power to solutions that come off as magic quick fixes to the problems we fear the most. We look for answers wherever we think we can find them especially when it comes to concepts we don’t yet have a good grasp on like death and aging. Still, we’ve come a long way in what we know today and what we can do to extend our lives compared to the time when the Ouija board first gained popularity.

Cottonbro / Pexels
Cottonbro / Pexels

“It’s always been a board game, a parlor game, but it has always been more than a board game for some people, too,” explains Robert Murch, a Ouija historian.

“In the 19th century, people had a much different relationship to death than we do today—it was much closer to their everyday experience. Now, we do everything we can in hopes of avoiding aging, let alone engaging in any real thoughts of death. But in the 1800s, people only lived to be 50 years old. Mothers would have 12 children and six of them would die. Their parlor rooms were also their funeral rooms.”

Open The Door Of Communication With Another World

The danger with the Ouija board is no matter what you believe (despite it being marketed as a game today), it’s so closely tied to the spiritual world that it has very real dangers. The risks of spiritual tools like this should never be ignored. A “game” that allows you to communicate with the dead is bound to open the world to something beyond. if you enter that world without proper intention and understanding, anyone can walk in from the other side.

view-of-dark-hallway with ghost in the way
Aidan Roof / Pexels
Aidan Roof / Pexels

Once the door of communication is open with the world beyond, we have no control over who walks in and no knowledge of how to get rid of them again. Dark spirits and demons could disguise themselves as lost loved ones to connect with you through the board and latch on even when you try to break the connection.

The Tragedy Of The Ouija Maker

Don’t believe us? Take it from the real-life story of the Ouija maker himself. The family of William Fuld, who worked for and invested in the company that eventually gained control of the Ouija business, experienced unexplainable tragedies that they believed somehow had to do with the board.

The actor Alex van Ric (as medium) with an Ouija. The show
Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images)
Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images)

In a Baltimore Sun article, William told reporters that Ouija had told him to build a factory on Hartford Avenue. However as he was installing the flag, the iron railing broke, and he fell off the roof. “On his deathbed—the coroner’s report said a broken rib pierced his heart—he made his children promise to never sell the Ouija out the family,” says an expert.

The Author Of The Exorcist’s Strange Experience

William is not the only one who messed with the board and paid a price. The author of The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty also made some disturbing discoveries behind Ouija boards. In 1972, he told a British journalist that while finishing his book The Exorcist, he had a personal experience with a Ouija board that convinced him that he was communicating with a spirit.

woman with posessed makeup on
Cristhofer Torres / Pexels
Cristhofer Torres / Pexels

William described strange and unexplainable events that continued to happen after experimenting with the Ouija Board.

Even Churches Warn Against Their Hauntings

Even Catholic exorcists warn against using Ouija boards as they explain that “demons will masquerade as departed loved ones as a means of gaining possession.”

priest-during-a-ceremony putting his hands on a woman's head
Cipote Carranza / Pexels
Cipote Carranza / Pexels

Churches aren’t alone in believing so. Even paranormal investigators believe that the board can invite spirits that can then start haunting the home where they were summoned. When a person thinks their home is haunting, it’s possible that they invite in a demonic presence while playing with a Ouija board.

Make Sure You’re Careful You Avoid Demonic Spirits

If you must use a Ouija board, do so carefully and with intent. Make sure that you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Also, take precautions to guard yourself, and your home.

Ouija board from the front
Emily Macdonald / Pexels Via Canva Pro
Emily Macdonald / Pexels Via Canva Pro

Ouija boards aren’t a game and shouldn’t be used as a toy. They are a portal that spirits can walk through, both good and bad. In fact, do not approach it as a game or as a toy. It is a portal that spirits can use to gain access to you through.

Using the Ouija board is a form of divination that is used to discover hidden knowledge through supernatural means and many experts believe it to be very real. They compare it to the analogy of a phone connection where you might think no one is listening as you talk when someone is listening and actually able to communicate back.

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