The Ways A Woman Can Make A Man Feel Unwanted And Unloved

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Relationships are delicate things, highly individual but also subject to plenty of nuances. What one couple might despise and never wish for from their significant other might be perfectly acceptable in another relationship.

We can even see these beliefs play into the gender aspect of these relationships. What one couple might never want the man to do, another might only expect the man to do.

Sometimes, this nuance or these preferences aren’t discussed, and that can lead to a large imbalance in the way one half is being treated.

In any relationship, always take stock of your feelings and ask yourself: does this person make you love yourself more? Do you want to grow old with them?

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Give And Take

When you look at the act of desire on a grand scope and analyze where desire comes from and how it’s distributed in society, you might start seeing a gender imbalance. We’re taught that men should take the active role and do the desiring, the chasing, the asking, and the wanting, while women just have to wait for it to come their way from someone they desire in return.

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This skewed behavior can lead to an unhealthy dynamic further down the line in a relationship, as the continued belief will be that men have to dish out all the affection while women only receive it.

That belief can then branch out and infect many areas of communication within that relationship. Below are some of the small ways that mindset can manifest, causing women to make their men feel unwanted and unloved.

Making Fun Of His Body

Though women face it in a more extreme, constant sense, men are also subject to societal expectations of how they’re meant to look. Many men who don’t fit into the ‘chiseled gym rat’ body type feel insecure about themselves, thinking lesser of themselves than those who do look like that.

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Because of this, even innocent teasing about his body might bring up a real sore point. Even if you mean it as a joke or not something to be taken seriously, it’s best to avoid critiques of your partner’s body. You never know what aspects of himself he might be struggling with.

Rushing Him

Hey, sometimes you’re in a rush to get out the door and need him to quickly finish whatever he’s doing or saying so you can leave on time; that’s understandable. Rushing him becomes a problem when it’s constant.

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You’re interrupting him constantly, putting your time above his, and not listening fully to what he says, preferring to talk over him instead. All of these are clear indicators that you don’t really value his timeā€”and if you don’t value his time, why should he value yours? Why should he stay with you?

Overscheduling Themselves

This one is also about time, but specifically not making enough time for your partner.

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If you’re constantly on the go, booking up every minute of your life and leaving your significant other with nothing, he’s going to start feeling isolated from you. Sure, some people lead busy lives or have very busy periods due to work, school, or family matters, but time with the one you love in between all that is essential.

Not only will it show that you actively want to spend time with them and are willing to work something out in order to do so, but being around your partner will help you feel grounded too!

Not Allowing Him To Help

As someone who’s fiercely independent to the point of stubbornness, I get it, sometimes it’s hard to accept others’ help. We want to prove we can handle things on our own and that we’re not reliant on other people!

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But accepting help from someone who’s lovingly offering it doesn’t mean those things aren’t true. We can accept help and be able to still cut it on our own. By constantly denying offers of help given by a partner, you’re putting your pride above their capacity to show they care for you, which will lead to them feeling frustrated over time.

Not Showing Interest In His Hobbies

It’s totally fine if you and your partner don’t share all of your interests, it’s hard to find someone who loves all the same things we do! For the interests you don’t share, though, it’s important to still be curious and thoughtful, to be willing to listen to him talk about it and support his endeavors related to it.

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By ignoring his other hobbies and passions, you’re missing out on a whole new side of him, and he might start to feel like you don’t really value him in his entirety. This goes double if you’re actively belittling, insulting, or laughing at his hobbies instead of simply ignoring them.

Never Paying Him Compliments

Men deserve compliments too! The gender roles perpetuated in our society leave much to be desired when it comes to the “appropriate” way we’re allowed to compliment men. We have to stick to words like handsome or fit, you rarely hear compliments about specific features unless it’s related to their physique, and nevermind trying to compliment how they dress.

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We’re handed a very narrow way of appreciating the men in our lives, so many people forgo it all together, hoping actions will be enough to replace that kind of affection. We all nee words of encouragement and love, though, as going without them can make us feel like we’re not seen as attractive or desirable.

The Final Straw

Men are just as deserving as the loving, caring, and personal affection that women are. That type of cutesy and flashy love should be equally dished out by men and women, and both should get the chance to know what it feels like to have someone make them feel wanted every day.

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More importantly, and more generally than that, everyone should feel comfortable and happy in their relationship. Man or woman, if you’re feeling unwanted, unloved, or unappreciated, there’s no point in continuing to waste your time with someone who won’t learn to do better.

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