The First Word That Comes To Mind With These Letters Reveals Your Subconscious State

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If you haven’t heard of the missing letter effect, it’s a used tool in cognitive psychology that asks people to consciously detect letters when reading a text. The goal is to see what pops into their mind when they see a specific text. Is it dependent on how often they see it or is it simply a reflection of their state of mind? For the purposes of this test, the goal is to find out your subconscious state of being. How you chose to fill the gap, will shed light on your true feelings.

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The Missing Letter Effect

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Jason Leung / Unsplash

Jason Leung / Unsplash

Before taking the test keep in mind that there are two ways that the missing letter effect is explained. The first one is that the word you identify depends on how often you are familiar with that word. Maybe it’s a word that makes you feel passionate or that others have referred to you by, or that you often use to describe your feelings.

Second, the way that you view the word to work within a sentence is how you make the association. So maybe your mind will choose to put the word you see immediately in a sentence to make sense of it. The key is in timeliness. Make sure you’re not spending too much time thinking of all the possibilities. You’ll see a word quickly and that will be the one that most accurately reflects your subconscious.

What’s The First Word That Comes To Mind?

irontrybex / Getty Images Via Canva (Edited)

irontrybex / Getty Images Via Canva (Edited)

Now let’s get back to the test. Take a look again at the image and ask yourself “what’s the first word that comes to your mind when you look at this image?” The answer will determine your result and enlighten you about what’s hiding within your subconscious mind as well as your current state of being.

Often enough, the subconscious mind has all the answers that the conscious mind shoves aside either to protect us or because it thinks that we’re not ready to know. Yet, the more access you have to your subconscious, the more control you can actually have over your conscious state of being.

Now, what word did you see first? What does this mean? You’ll find the answers below!

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If You See “Lover’

irontrybex / Getty Images Via Canva (Edited)

irontrybex / Getty Images Via Canva (Edited)

If the first word you see is lover, then you’re likely guided by love. This can be good or bad. On one hand, you always see the best in people, but you’re so hopeful about their potential that you often justify behavior that pushes your boundaries. You’re a romantic with an easy ability to feel empathy yet you chose to protect yourself by often hiding how you truly feel.

You come off as lively, leaving people guessing about who you truly are. You come off both as authentic and exciting. You’re definitely far from boring because your love for your life extends beyond people. You make others feel alive with the way you’re easily able to find love for even the small things.

If You See “Lower”

You like to feel in control and crave power positions. When you feel like you’re losing grip, you unintentionally act out or spiral in an attempt to feel grounded once again. As a result, you have a dominating personality and an appreciation and ability for leadership roles. You’re the one others come to for guidance and often the decision-maker of your group. Others admire your courage and risk-taking because it pushes them outside of their comfort zone.

You can really thrive when you find your footing, but when you fall, you risk taking others down with you.

If You See “Loser”

Your superpower is honesty. No matter how hard the truth is, you’re always trusted to deliver it. It’s how you are in all your relationships. You tell others exactly how you feel and when you love someone you know exactly how to make them feel loved and special. The problem with honesty is that not everyone is able to handle it. There are times others have put you down and taken their inability to take accountability as a way to justify the terrible ways that they’ve treated you.

Still, you continue to be true to yourself because you understand that you’ll never be able to make everyone happy anyway. It’s better for you to live an honest life than pretend and never actually be happy.

It All Depends On Your Subconscious State Of Being

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