The World’s Shortest IQ Test Has Just 3 Questions, But Almost No One Can Get Them All Right, Can You?

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An IQ test, also known as an intelligence quotient number represents a person’s reasoning ability. It’s a recognized assessment that measures a range of cognitive abilities and provides a score that is intended to serve as a measure of an individual’s intellectual abilities and potential. IQ results are determined by dividing a person’s score on a special test by his or her age, then multiplying by 100.

IQ tests are commonly used as a part of psychological tests. This one is a short quick one that most people are struggling with. Some can get one or two, but rare are the ones who can get all three. Will you be the exception?

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The Cognitive Reflection Test

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Hal Gatewood / Unsplash

Hal Gatewood / Unsplash

The Cognitive Reflection Test (CRT), which is the test you’re about to take, is designed to measure a person’s tendency to override an incorrect “gut” response and instead take the time to reflect and think of the right person. While we usually encourage you to trust your intuition, sometimes things just aren’t what they seem, and you have to dig a little deeper.

This test is also known as the world’s shortest IQ test because it consists of just three questions. It was was first described in 2005 by psychologist Shane Frederick to measure IQ or cognitive abilities. It assesses how well you can identify a simple problem that looks harder than it actually is. The faster you can answer the questions, the more intelligent you likely are.