The Zodiac Sign That Is Least Likely To Cheat, But Gets Betrayed Often For Their Loyalty

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Some people say they never thought they would cheat, but that it ended up just being a lapse in the heat of the moment. What if we told you that the characteristics of your zodiac sign could increase the odds of who cheats and who gets cheated on?

whatever the reason, whether it was boredom, neglect or insecurity, there’s never really a good enough reason that could justify the hurt that cheating causes to the other person. Even then, there are still ways to understand why it happens by analyzing the traits of each zodiac that makes them more likely to cheat. This list is on the order of most likely to most least to cheat.

Pisces Are Most Likely To Act On Impulse

Pisces may be a very loyal, caring, and protective sign but it is a sign that can’t help but go with the flow. They have so much love to give and are so passionate that sometimes they can’t help but get caught up in the moment. Their high levels of emotion also make them act out on impulse. When they experience even a small mood swing, they’re likely to feel vengeful, even if they don’t directly intend to hurt anyone.

Pisces will often stay in relationships because they’re too afraid that they’ll hurt their partner by leaving. This often makes them grow resentment and long for more. Sometimes when they cheat, it’s because they needed an out but couldn’t bear to be the one to break up.