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The Zodiac Sign That Makes For The Most Civil Kind Of Ex

Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about our loves lives, from our most compatible matches, to our dating habits that could maybe use some work. Our sign might actually be able to predict the kind of ex we would be, from most civil, to petty and dramatic.

They say that it's during a breakups that people reveal their true colors. Yet they also say that breakups feel the same as grief, so we should cut ourselves some slack. Find out what sign is best equipped to deal with this kind of pain.

Cancer Becomes Emotional

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Cancers can't help the tears streaming down their face. They feel deeply and just like they loved their person with everything they have, they mourn their loss with intense grief. They're entitled to their feelings as they make for some of the most loyal and supportive partners there are. They always put in the effort and take care of everyone around them, even before themselves.

The intensity of this pain can be hard to deal with. Cancers might impulsively block their ex so they can try to get over them, or they might send them a long text to reconcile even when they shouldn't. They have a hard time letting go or "giving up" on their person.

Aries Just Brushes It Off

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Aries are usually spontaneous and full of confidence. This can make it easier for them to walk away from someone who is dimming their light. These born leaders probably made the first move in the relationship, and are likely to be the ones that walked away.

However, once they're out, they don't bother to look back. They tend to not want anything to do with their ex. They don't see the need or feel a responsibility towards remaining civil. They stop caring when the situation no longer serves them, which isn't easy to do.

Leo Can Be Petty

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They're kinda mad that someone could just waste their time, energy and affection just like that. But they don't actually care, or at least they'll try to convince themselves they don't. Their grieving process starts with anger and this phase can last a while.

They might act out in small petty acts in order to cheer themselves up. They don't want to cross the line, but they take the breakup as an insult to their character, because if they could accept their partner with their flaws, they should have deserved the same effort.

Gemini Is On Again, Off Again

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This adventurous and fearless sign is all about going with the flow. If it's meant to be it will be and if it's not, they might go back to make sure a few more times. Geminis are easy to miss by their ex who longs for their charisma and energy.

This can either lead to the reconciliation of many of their relationships or it can lead to toxic patterns of stormy on again-off again relationships. They're social beings, can we blame them?

Taurus Wins With Loyalty

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It turns out that the sign that might take the crown for most civil ex is Tauras! Taurus tends to approach all situations with logic. Their stable nature pushes them to take the time to process which allows them to truly evaluate the relationship.

This process gives them closure because once they realize the relationship wasn't best suited for them anyway, they release any feels of resentment. This allows them to remain friends with their exes. Plus they tend to be quite loyal, even if it means having to put their differences aside.

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5. Taurus

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‚ÄčTaurus can get a bad rep and be perceived as lazy but really they're just really patient. To the outsider it might look like they're not working hard but in reality, they understand that Rome wasn't built in a day. Rather than work tirelessly from the get-go and be exhausted by the end, they work gradually, keeping their ambition alive all the way through to the end.

Taurus tend to surround themselves with others who crave the same kind of lifestyle, which gives them a supportive network of friends who fuel their motivation. Their eye is on the prize and they can see the big picture.

4. Aries

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Aries just wanna be the best at everything they do which makes them devote their heart and soul to their every move. Their motivation is in their passion. Since their sign is in the first house of the self, they are always motivated to find their place and solid their identity.

The confidence that brings them gives them the energy to stay motivated even when everyone seems to be against them.

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3. Virgos

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Virgo is known to be a perfectionist by nature and that alone can help them stay motivated. Their standards are high enough that they don't give up easily.

They know that bad day aren't signs of imperfections but are what teaches them how to perfect the next day. This is also thanks to their analytical tendencies which they often use to self-reflect on the bad days and figure out how to fix them.


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Capricorns are the kind of people who love to make lists about lists. They tend to b extremely organized and scheduled which helps them stay dedicated to their plan.

Capricorns are also dreamers who aren't afraid to set big goals and chase them. They don't let failure hold them back from dreaming or achieving. Their motivation is guided by their sense of hope and purpose.

1. Leos

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Leos hunger for power and goals. Just like a lion chasing their prey, their motivation may lead them to be the most ambitious of all the signs. They're not afraid to stand out and in fact, they actually love to be at the top of the hierarchy. Yet, Leos are still protective and loyal, meaning that they hold traits of the best of both worlds.

Their qualities give them the confidence, drive, and support to continue to charm their way to success.

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