The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Find Love In 2022,And There’s A Good Reason

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Ultimately it’s human nature to want to love and be loved. We weren’t born into the earth alone, we were tied to the body we came from and we don’t want to leave alone either. Luckily, it’s never too late to find love. Some would say love tastes even sweeter later in life once both partners have come into their full beings and are capable of fulfilling each other’s needs.

2022 might finally be the year of love for these 5 signs. If you’ve already found love, things are only getting better this year and if you haven’t, then it might finally be your time.

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The Planets Ruling Love

close up of Venus

NASA / Unsplash

NASA / Unsplash

In 2022, the planets related to love, passion, and sexuality are coming into alignment. What determines which zodiac signs will be best matched in love when Venus, the planet of relationships and section is balanced with Mars’s energy. When Jupiter comes into play, it increases the odds of success.

The position of the moon, especially full moons and eclipses in the sky, in relation to the sun, can also indicate moments of fate or destiny that can change some of these zodiac’s love lives forever.

Aries: Changes Bring Opportunities

graph of Aries sign consetellation

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

​Aries be prepared because this year is going to challenge you in order to push you towards change and growth that is meant to put you on the path of new opportunities. How you respond to these challenges will factor in your outcome in relationships.

Lucky for you the planets are on your side, which will intuitively guide you towards the decisions that most align you with your destined match. At the beginning of 2022, Venus is in Capricorn, opening the gates for effective communication. Make your intentions clear and it will pay off in the second half of the year when Jupiter moves into Leo, filling the air with passion.

Scorpio: Commitment is On The Horizon

graph of scorpio sign consetellation

IFC2 / Getty Images Via Canva

IFC2 / Getty Images Via Canva

Scorpio you have double chances of finding love this year. Not only will Jupiter be in your fifth house of love for the majority of 2022 but you will also have Neptune in your seventh house of committed relationships.

This means that it’s time to get rid of meaningless flings and get serious about the person you truly want to commit to because if you take the risk, the odds are in your favor of it paying off. Don’t be afraid of commitment because it’s the only way that you’ll get to find out if this is the person truly meant for you.

Cancer: No More Stagnancy

graph of Cancer sign consetellation

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

​Cancer your love life has been on hold for far too long. In 2020, and 2021, it felt like nothing changed. Either your existing relationship got comfortable and almost passive or your search for love went on pause. Don’t give up because 2022 is looking like the year your relationships will finally move forward.

The energy shift will start to take place in 2022 with Venus and end in Capricorn, getting stronger over time. The stars show that new connections are being made so don’t be afraid to go back to square one and do it right from the beginning this time!

Taurus: Nothing Is In The Way

graph of taurus sign consetellation

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

Taurus is known for being stubborn so you may want to actively remind yourself to embrace change this year because it’s the only way that you’ll open your eyes and your mind to the idea of love and be in an open place to receive it. You need to be open to the possibility because it looks like there will be nothing in your way.

The path towards love is cleared for you this year so as long as you continue heading forward in the right direction, you’ll naturally meet the person you are meant to find along the way.

Gemini: Making Big Decisions

graph of geminn sign consetellation

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

Igordabari / Getty Images Via Canva

You’re going to have to make some big decisions this year. It looks like you’re the one in control of your romantic destiny. If you chose to do nothing, then nothing will happen but if you tap into your empowerment, then you’ll allow yourself to use the powerful force behind you to open new doors and make deep romantic connections.

2022 is the year of strength for you. That means strengthening your existing relationships and making strong, lasting relationships early when meeting new people. Don’t be afraid of how quickly you feel strongly about suitors, this is just your intuition showing you what you’re capable of.

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Jacob Owens / Unsplash

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