The Zodiac Signs That Are Best Suited For Long-Term Relationships

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Despite love being one of the most beautiful, magical forces we have in the world, it’s also one of the most complex. It’s something most people spend their lives chasing, hoping to secure a forever partner before they deem it ‘too late’ (which is never, by the way). To do so, they might turn to other sources like astrology in order to learn what they should be on the lookout for when it comes to their soulmate.

What most people jumping into zodiac studies don’t initially realize is that it’s way, way more complex than that. Careful inspection of one’s signs will be needed in order to paint a clear picture of anybody’s love life, but there are easier places you can start, like whether or not your sun sign has luck in long-term relationships.

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Jumping Into It

One of the most common things people turn to the zodiac for guidance about is their love life. They think the stars will contain the answers to all their romantic problems, giving them a clear timeline of events about when they’ll meet their soulmate.

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Of course, it doesn’t work quite like that, but that doesn’t mean astrology doesn’t contain insight about love, relationships, and how one should best approach them based on their chart. People simply tend to get a little…overzealous is all.

What To Expect

When people are able to finally learn about what their signs say about their future in love, what they often want to hear is when will I meet the person I’ll be with forever.

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It’s not wrong to want to know that as that’s most peoples’ typical end goal, but in doing so, people skip a lot of valuable steps that will teach them how best to approach this eventual forever relationship.

One such detail that’s valuable to learn is whether or not your sign is predisposed to long-term relationships.

Some More Than Others

Bustle spoke to astrologer Jill Wintersteen about the matter. “Some zodiac signs carry more independent characteristics, and others are more prone to compromise and collaborations,” she explained. “Likewise, certain signs rely on solitude and quiet contemplation to center their energy, while others prefer the company of another to bring them home.”

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These traits really matter when navigating romantic relationships, so it makes sense why these relationship-minded signs are more likely to lock it in for the long term.


Taurus is a very grounded sign that values practicality, stability, and logic, even when it comes to love. Already, it makes sense why Taurus is more predisposed to long-term relationships, not so much enjoying the fickle, temporary nature of short-term flings.

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They’re confident, too, Tauruses know themselves very well. This means they’re able to immediately recognize when they’ve found the right partner that they’ll remain compatible with for some time. They’re usually not a fan of moving too fast, but their faith in their judgement will lead them to latch on quick and secure that relationship.


Cancers sort of get a bad rep due to their emotional nature. Them being emotional doesn’t mean they’re wishy-washy or flighty like people are led to believe! If anything, it actually makes them very solid in when it comes to commitment in their relationships, as they’re the one sign that best expresses what and how they’re feeling.

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They also love to form deep, meaningful connections with people, wanting to know the inner depths of their loved ones’ souls. They’re the sign of family, of home, and all of these together make them wanting to form something long term with potential partners.


Libra, perhaps predictably, is pretty level-headed most of the time. They need clarity in order to think things through entirely, and don’t want to rush into anything they haven’t had time to consider every side of.

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That being said, they do also love love, they can even get pretty mushy over the concept (though they’d rather nobody know that part). This means they bring constant enthusiasm into a relationship, which helps keep it fun, fresh, and bright for a long time to come.


Scorpio’s got a vice grip on the things it considers important in its life, and relationships are no exception to this. They’re resilient and determined, very good at handling any sort of challenge or turbulence thrown their way, so they make for good, steady partners that want to work through issues to their relationships can thrive.

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Above all else, they value trust. Once they find someone they know they can trust with every side of themselves, Scorpio will not let go of that person easily, and will keep wanting to foster a deeper connection with them until it feels like their souls are intertwined.


Capricorn is a sign that values their independence, but also see relationships as a goal of sorts. They prefer to picture it as something they can work toward, something they can build up to with enough growth and development, which isn’t wrong!

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Because they already see it as a long-term achievement they will one day succeed at, they’re already in the right mindset to establish something stable. They won’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel exactly right, meaning shorter relationship opportunities tend to pass them by. They’re careful about what they invest their time in, after all.

The First Steps

Learning about your love life through astrology has so much more involved than just your sun sign, though it’s a great place to start. Should you ever decide to get a love-related chart reading or do the research yourself, don’t go into it expecting easy, clear-cut answers.

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Love is something that we earn through hard work and dedication, not something we’re entitled to or should expect to fall in our laps without any effort on our part. To attract love, we need to grow as people, falling in love with ourselves first along the way.

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