Therapists Share The Taboo Secrets That Are Actually Signs Of Spiritual Evolution

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Therapists are often trusted with their client’s worst fears and biggest embarrassments. However, what is deemed weird in their clients’ eyes is often not as bad as they think. This is why therapists decided to come together to share on Reddit the taboo secrets people were afraid to tell because they thought it was too weird but were actually things that they had heard millions of times before.

You might surprise yourself with how many of these you actually relate to.

Intrusive Thoughts

woman thinking with her chin up

Tachina Lee / Unsplash

Tachina Lee / Unsplash

” Nearly everyone has thoughts about pushing the old lady onto the subway train, swerving into opposing traffic, or stabbing their loved one in the stomach while cooking dinner with them.

Some folks, however, take these thoughts very seriously as they believe that they might act them out. It’s called thought-action-fusion.” – vedderer The therapist reassures that these thoughts can just be brushed off. They’re just a way for the mind to consider all alternative possibilities and consequences to our actions, so we can chose the right ones.