There Is A Powerful Gamma Wave Set To Hit Earth Next Month – Will You Use It To Your Advantage?

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People have been predicting terrible things happening in September. Some allege aliens will destroy us, others think an asteroid will wipe us out. Some even think that Obama is going to finally show the true tyrant he is and take away your guns. Fortunately, it’s all false, but many people feel fear when they hear stories like this. Fear just brings more bad things into our world.

Recently, a channeler named Michael Love discovered that a wonderful thing is going to be happening this September 28th. A large gamma wave is going to hit the Earth. According to Love:

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“The great point in humanity’s evolution is known as the event horizon. September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history.”

But what does that mean? It’s all a little bit cryptic.

Many people around the world have reported feeling an awakening for a long time now. Their senses feel heightened, they’re more sensitive to the world around them, and they just feel excited to be alive. That’s great! It all has to do with this gamma wave headed our way. It enables people to live in balance and in tune with their light selves. This includes astral travel, telepathy, experiencing other dimensions and more intense dreams.