There’s A Rare Hybrid Eclipse In Aries, So Prepare For The Massive Energy Shift

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The time has come once again to prepare ourselves for an astrological phenomenon that has the power to change our lives forever. An upcoming eclipse is not only rare in its typing, but the sign it’s falling under is the perfect driver for change.

Once you know it’s coming, you can harness your energies in whichever ways work best for you and use this event, full of celestial power and force, to your advantage, fostering positive change and growth.

As a once-in-a-lifetime event, this rare solar eclipse offers us a precious opportunity to discover our own power and potential. As we look inwards and contemplate the momentous occasion of this eclipse, we can use this time to gain clarity and insight into our own lives and experiences.

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The Sun’s Vanishing

Solar eclipses are a spectacular and awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that humans have seen and studied for centuries. They occur when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, blocking the light from the sun and plunging day into darkness. They have long since played a significant role in scientific research and many cultural celebrations throughout history, tied to a number of ancient religions and practices. Considering the beauty and rarity of the eclipse, it is no wonder why it is such a fantastic event to witness.

The phases of a eclipse all superimposed in a line.
Unsplash / Bryan Goff
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You likely know of a total eclipse, but have you ever heard of a hybrid eclipse?

What You’ll Usually See

There are two main types of solar eclipses: a total eclipse and an annular eclipse.

An eclipse in the sky.
Unsplah / Jongsun Lee
Unsplah / Jongsun Lee

A total eclipse is what most people think of when they picture a solar eclipse. It takes place when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned with each other at a perfect distance, causing the moon to completely cover the visible face of the sun. The sort of wispy or feathered ring of light we see around the moon during a total eclipse is known as the sun’s corona.

An annular eclipse is when the distance between the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned, but not as perfectly. Usually, it’s because the moon is just a little too far from the Earth, so it’s just a bit too small to cover the entire Sun. This causes a more solid ring of light to be seen around the Moon’s disc, known as a “ring of fire.”

A Rare Occurence

So, what’s a hybrid eclipse?

The phases of a solar eclipse all aligned in the sky.
Unsplash / Abed Ismail
Unsplash / Abed Ismail

Predictably, a hybrid eclipse is a combination of both a total and annular eclipse. It starts as an annular eclipse, becomes a total eclipse, then becomes an annular eclipse again before retreating.

This is caused by the Moon’s comparably “wobbly” orbit, as described by Mental Floss. “Because Earth is round and three-dimensional, some points on the globe are closer to or farther from the Moon at any given moment. About 5 percent of the time, the wobbly orbit of the Moon lines up so that during an eclipse, the moon’s shadow passes over points on the globe that are significantly farther away from the Moon than others.”

What Does This Mean For You?

As with any significant celestial event, this means there will be a coming shift in energy. There will be an excellent opportunity for blessings in your life if you’re willing to reach out and grab them.

The seeds of a dandelion spreading after being blown on.
Unsplash / Saad Chaudhry
Unsplash / Saad Chaudhry

Hybrid eclipses are rare, appearing approximately once a decade, meaning this will be a decisive moment should you harness it correctly. However, you can’t just wish for anything, try as you might. This hybrid eclipse does have its own themes, and focusing on them will yield the most results.

It’s Time To Change

Due to it being such an infrequent event, hybrid solar eclipses often represent a major turning point in one’s life. Now would be the best time to start manifesting any big change you’re wanting to see.

The silhouette of a street sign post against a sunset sky.
Unsplash / Javier Allegue Barros
Unsplash / Javier Allegue Barros

A new career path opening itself up to you, a new person entering your life, an opportunity to move across the country—whatever you think will shake up your routine in a healthy way, keep it in mind as this eclipse approaches.

You can meditate or journal on this hope but know that it really is meant to be an important point in your life, so it’s not something to take lightly.

Listen Close

It’s also important to remain in tune with the messages you may be receiving from the universe at this time. The change we desire might not necessarily be the change we need, so if you feel like your guides are pushing you towards something you didn’t quite have in mind, it’s best to listen to them.

Over shoulder view of short-haired woman in casual sweater sitting at table and making notes while planning tasks and goals.
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Envato Elements

Again, this is a once-in-a-decade moment to harness a powerful shift in the Earth’s energies. You want to make sure you’re facing the right direction when it happens.

A Running Start

There’s also the fact that this eclipse is happening in Aries, which brings about its own set of meanings.

Two people mid-hike on a mountain range.
Unsplash / Edoardo Busti
Unsplash / Edoardo Busti

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is the planet of action and drive. Both Aries and Mars push us to act first and think later, to run off instincts alone and see where listening to our primal selves will take us. The eclipse happening under this sign means this shift will ignite passion within us, propelling us toward what we’ve wanted for so long but never felt we could act upon.

Necessary Uncertainty

This isn’t to say it won’t still be scary. There will be a strong pull to stick with the familiar and let such a bountiful opportunity pass you by because it’s the easier path. It will take a lot of willpower and discipline to actively choose the unlit, mysterious path before you.

A woman spinning and traversing whimsically through nature.
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Envato Elements

This hybrid eclipse in Aries asks you to embrace that uncertainty. There’s a thrill in not knowing where you’re going to land; enjoy that rush and know that, should you use this eclipse’s power well, you won’t get lost on your way to something new.

Make The Most Of It

This hybrid eclipse will be taking place on April 20th, so you still have some time left to prepare your goals, desires, and any rituals or acts you want to take part in to truly honor this incredible event.

A woman blowing on a handful of confetti as if making a wish, standing in the street.
Unsplash / Almos Bechtold
Unsplash / Almos Bechtold

The eclipse will be best seen West Cape Peninsula of Western Australia, eastern Timor-Leste, or the West Papuan island of Indonesia. If you’re able to witness it, don’t forget to wear protective glasses!

The next time hybrid eclipse won’t be until November 14, 2031, so make sure you take this opportunity while it’s here.

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