These Are The Top 5 Most Kept Secrets, And You’re Keeping At Least One

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Before you jump to the defensive to assert that you’re the kind of person who believes that honesty is the best policy, honesty isn’t always easy. When we lie, it’s not always coming from a bad place. Sometimes we do it subconsciously to protect ourselves and those we care about.

According to Michael Slepian, associate professor of leadership and ethics at Columbia University, chances are you’re keeping at least one secret from the people around you, even the ones you trust. His study could even predict what the secret is out of a list of 38 secrets that he found people keep most. Here are the top 5.

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The Secret Life Of Secrets

While the idea that it’s better to be honest even if the truth hurts is nice, “all people have secrets” Michael writes in his book, The Secret Life Of Secrets. This claim was based on a study he conducted with 2,000 people in the US, asking them one question: “what is a secret that you are currently keeping?”

split image of the The secret life of secrets book with the author Michael on the right
Michael Slepian (@michaelslepian) / Twitter
Michael Slepian (@michaelslepian) / Twitter

Michael then compiled the answers and found reoccurring themes. The same 38 secret categories kept coming up over and over again. To further confirm his theory, he shared his list with 50,000 people around the world and 97% of them checked off at least one secret from the list. That means that almost everyone had at least one secret. Are you the exception?